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The Georgian Childrenís Project was started after severalBoy in Orphanage Yard women  visited orphanages in the Republic of Georgia and felt a need to respond to the beautiful children living there in dire situations. Georgia is one of the former Soviet republics that has fallen upon extremely harsh economic times since the fall of communism a decade ago.

Batumi InfantUnfortunately, financial hardship and social stresses have taken their toll on many children  of Georgia. Families who canít care  for their children often must place them in institutions for food and shelter. There is also a growing population of homeless children in need of shelter and drop-in services. The people providing medical services to these children critically need equipment and current clinical information.

Karen at BatumiGeorgia is a country that loves its children but needs help providing for them at this difficult time in their history. After visiting with these beautiful and spirited children, we found that we love them too. We hope you can help.


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