Dedicated to my Gang of Four

After years of wavering, I finally decided to write this story, partly in response to seeing some people stereotyped and depreciated, and partly in the hope of offering a helpful perspective on what happened. As the title says, these are only glimpses, from the memories of one wanderer, in the form of personal experiences with Alison Marshall, Susan Maneck, Karen Bacquet, Dermod Ryder, Michael McKenny, Steve Marshall, Fred Glaysher, Juan Cole and Wahid Azal (formerly Nima Hazini).

This is a purely personal and subjective, incomplete account, undoubtedly full of misinformation and misrepresentations. I did not witness most of the events in the dialogue/Talisman chronicles. Those chronicles go back to 1976 at least, and I only learned about them in 2001. There is much more to the story, and to the people in it, and many other people have been involved besides the ones in this account. Some additional information is provided in the appendixes, along with links to more.

I've used fictitious names and genders to reduce the effects of any preconceptions people might have. I've tried to resist the temptation to color the story with my own views about the issues involved. I've described my agenda in an appendix, for anyone who's interested.

If anything on these pages looks like misinformation or misrepresentation to you, please let me know. Write to me at

This story begins in the Gay Baha'i guest book.

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