Gerard Butler
Updated 2/2/01
Added Dracula Premiere Pic & Updated Attila pages
Added Attila Pages
The 1st Gerard Butler fansite on the Web!
New Pic!  Gerard at the D2K Premiere!
Pic Contributed by Coffee&Cloves
A Website Devoted to the Scottish Actor, Star of Dracula 2000 and Attila: The Miniseries
This website grew out of the Dracula 2000 Fan Club on Yahoo; without the pictures and info contributed by the members of the club I couldn't have made the site.
After we all got together in the club, we realized that Gerard is a very talented guy who deserves a fan here it is!
Site Contents:
Gerard's Bio
Dracula 2000 Pictures
Filmography More Dracula 2000 Pics
Miscellaneous Pics
Attila Pages
There will be more as we gather the info...if you want to contribute something to this page, email me :
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