Happy 17th Birthday Gerard!
September 12, 2001
Today is our dear friend Gerard's 17th birthday, once again let us remember him by as he is been part of our life.

A tribute to a dear Son...

Gerard was born in the Philippines on September 12, 1984 and celebrated his first birthday in the United States. Gerard started school at Walker Elementary School; attended Wagenheim Middle School, Palmer Way and Granger Junior High School. He was a junior at Scripps Ranch High School - a school chosen for its proximity to his Mom's old office building. Gerard was a loving son to his Mom, a single-mother who raised Gerard alone and provided him with almost everything she could possibly afford. He was respected and loved by all his cousins and so well-loved by his aunts, uncles and friends. Gerard loved to play golf especially with his cousins Rodel, Michael and Steven and his childhood best friend, Julius. Gerard always looked his best. He loved Abercrombie & Fitch so much he even named his dog, Fitch. He loved carne asada burritos with sour cream - he had this almost everyday after school. He listened to the group Creed and played the songs "With arms wide open" and "Higher" throughout his waking hours. Gerard loved to stay home and enjoyed cooking. His Mom thought he would be a chef one day because he loved to watch Yan Can Cook and imitated his accent almost perfectly. He loved to joke around with his family and friends. Gerard was very independent. He liked to do thing on his own and seldom asked for help especially on his school work.

On June 2nd, Gerard's very first adventure with his new friends turned into a tragedy that would serve a lesson to all kids and parents that life is precious. Gerard will be remembered not only because he was the best son a Mom could ever ask for but he was also a wonderful nephew, a great cousin and a great friend. Let this incident serve as a reminder to all kids of his age that they should take care of themselves and always think of coming home safe to their parents. Gerard turned off his alarm clock before he left that Saturday morning of June 2, 2001 - he had always left his alarm on even on weekends - which means that he would wake up with the angels in heaven. He was so pure and innocent. With arms wide open, God will welcome Gerard to His place where He will show him love and peace!

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The Perea and Simpauco family wishes to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support and encouragment. We ar all so lucky to have been touched by Gerard's warmth and kindness. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers. He was a loving and caring son, the most wonderful cousin and nephew and a true friend. We will miss his smile, his jokes,, the caring look in his face and above all,

We will miss Gerard...

Rest in heaven my sweet child.
I love you, anak!