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Welcome to gerasequ @ GeoCities !!!

      Hi! This is Gerard. This website is intended to be used by everybody who wants to find some information about myself.   It is where you'll find news/events, what I'm working on, and what I'm up to, that I want to share to the W3. Other information can be found at my various links. This Homepage also act as my site Index (just scroll down, after the Announcement/s).  While I make some effort to keep this up-to-date, it may not completely up to date.


Serious at work & Studies (for certs);removed chat-board; still no update/s with this site(probably cleaning up hehehe); reset Announcement/s list. (Sept-25-2005 11:45PM +08:000 GMT)

You can also use this (chat-board) as a guestbook, b-board or message board. Note : everyone is treated anonymously in the chat-board. If you're willing to share your real name and e-mail address to me then sign my guestbook, this guestbook is for my eyes only.

Site Index

All my links can be seen on my side bar on the right. The "Site Navigation" portion is the main List of the content of this website. Below are the corresponding name and its description.

Link Name Information Content
Home - Home page (the page you see now). Contains the site-index and some announcements.
Blog - My Web Logs - where I will post some regular activity info, recent important news/events or thoughts which is worth sharing.
About - Contact information, information about the website and myself. FAQs.
Resume - My resume. Note: this resume is for Public viewing it may not be complete, but enough to have an overview of my skills. You can request a recent and complete copy of it if interested.
Brain Share - A repository of some program, sample coding, research, essays, articles written and works I had done (or currently under-development works) that is worth sharing.

Creative Commons License Unless otherwise expressly stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Gerard Sequera and included in this website (www.oocities.org/gerasequ/) and any related pages including sub-contents (like the weblog, weblog's archive, brain share, etc...) are licensed under a Creative Commons License.


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