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 The PJ Clan started  less than a year ago with the adoption of my first two gerbils Porsche, a young mottled argente cream female, and Jag, an older agouti male.  On all my genetic papers I would write PJ instead of Porsche and Jag and found it to be quite cute, so the name stuck.  Porsche and Jag had one litter together, which I ended up keeping that entire little of 5. Currently I have the three girls together: Porsche and her two nutmeg daughters in a 10 gallon tank and, so far, they get along great.  I have Jag and one of his agouti sons with him in a 10 gallon tank, and I ended up putting the adorable black mottled male with his agouti brother in a 3 story wire cage.  The whole reason I am recreating this site is because I really would like to get back into breeding again and I must find good homes for any pups produced.  Jag is a very old gerbil. He sleeps most of the day and has had health problems in the past so I like to keep things calm for him and would rather not breed him due to his age and previous health problems.

Once again, I have changed my plans!  I have decided to adopt a burmese male and pair him with Porsche (my mottled argente cream female) in hopes of producing a lt. colorpoint agouti for me personally to add to my breeding program.  As long as this burmese boy is Pp, he and Porsche will be able to produce agouti (colorpoint carrier), topaz, lt. colorpoint agouti, black (colorpoint carrier), sapphire, siamese, and ruby-eyed siamese all in equal amounts with spotted/pied variety. 

Just a little side note- Color is not the main reason I breed. Although it is fun, my main goal is to have happy, healthy, people-friendly gerbils that everyone can enjoy.  All of my gerbil parents are chosen on temperament and health FIRST with color being second.

      Adoption Info

I am currently trying to place four of my 13 week old pups from the Porsche/Jag litter.  I have two agouti boys and two nutmeg girls that must go together in pairs if anyone is interested.  One of the nutmeg girls does have very mild seizures once in a blue moon when she is handled a lot, so I usually handle her gently and not as often as the others and she does fine.  These pups are free and available to APPROVED pet homes only.  If you are interested in them and/or would like more information, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Here's pics of the pups currently available:

The pics below are the Nutmeg sisters.  Both sweet and very adorable.  Available to an approved home as a pair.

These are the Agouti brothers below.  Very active and cute! Extemely people-friendly and love being handled.

Available as a pair to their forever home.

I am located in Martinsville, Virginia and I am willing to drive reasonable distances to place my pups in good homes.  I am located about 45 minutes south of Roanoke, VA and about an hour north of Greensboro, NC.

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