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   There is a void behind everything ,

beyond the edge of perception

and within the center of every symmetry

It quickly becomes filled with things

I can make things happen here

Still, there are surprises

and behind those surprises, more blackness

and within that blackness, more surprises

   I perceive thought and think of perception

they are one and I am neither

I am Now and Now is always

beyond everything I know




  • Spectrum loop

   Red + Blue = Violet : It's fascinating that opposite ends

of the tiny visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum

loop together in our limited perception to create a color wheel.

The infinitesimal and infinite connect.

   The spectrum loop has many parallels.

I believe natural symmetry to be the dimensional equivalent of this loop.


  • Natural Symmetry is found in organic and crystalline structures.

It indicates that an object spans an unseen hyper-dimensional axis

(i.e. it's something that grows).

All things with natural symmetry are connected at their center

to an unseen dimension.


  • Phi : The proportions between consequent Fibonacci numbers

oscillate above and below phi ad infinitum ;

getting forever closer to an indefinable number.

To understand irrational numbers is to understand your mind

and the nature of consciousness.

  There's a relationship between Phi , dimension and consciousness.


    all art and words by gerald butalewicz