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9/9/02 - everyone poops.

2/6/01 -
interview with matt

1/27/01 -
i'm not the way i thought i was
it was starting to feel like the worst of times
i've got to choose sides

am i wicked?
am i right?
am i just reacting all the time?

i'm not the way
i thought i was.

i was starting to see all the worst in life.
i've got to lose sight
of their pompous, boring lies
i was starting to think i couldn't fight
i've got to fight!
just not in the way i once thought right.

1/26/01 - there once was a smurf from nantucket.
whose smurf was so long he could smurf it.
while dreaming of venus, he played with his smurf,
and remarked, "If my ear were a smurf I would smurf it."

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