Gere E. Robinson

I am a servant of Jehovah and have been for 5 years now.  I am a full time pioneer.  I am currently attending school to further my education.  I will graduate in June of 2000.


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I have the most fun when I am with the brothers and sisters in the field ministry.  Being a pioneer brings me much joy. 
Some of my other interest are gardening and talking to other servants of Jehovah on the internet.  I really like to do just about anything outdoors.

My family consist of my 2 children and myself.  I have two boys.  They are also striving to serve Jehovah. 

I am always looking to meet new people.  If you are a Jehovah's Witness, then I would like to know you.  We all need as many friends as we can in these difficult last days.  Whenever I feel down I know I can always count on my friends at the Kingdom Hall to lift my spirits.