Jesus said, "Feed My Lambs." John 21:15

I know it is hard to free yourselves from this depression. Do you get up in the morning and wished that you have died? Do you feel like committing suicide? Are you always tired and always in a bad mood? Has your appetite changed? These are just some symptoms of depression. What I am talking about is major depression, and not manic depression. If you are a backslided Christian, Geri still cares.
I was once depressed long ago. I looked at all the things that are tumbling around me. I felt hopeless and helpless.
That is the LIE OF THE DEVIL! Don't be like St. Peter who looked at the waves and sank into the water because of his little faith. Trust in God! For so long I suffered at the hands of the Devil. I was going round and round in an endless vicious circle. To break it, you need just a little more faith.
 I suffered for 10 years under the spiteful hands of Satan and his demons. I even talked to Satan and joked with him.

Satan did not give me what I want! He is only out to destroy, especially Christians. I learnt from this lesson never again to rebel and trust in myself or Satan.

God works all things for the good of those who love him. Like me, when you have come out of the deep depression, you will see the truth, and the truth will set you free!
Now, for the non-Christians; I wish to tell you that there is a Geri who cares. If you do not believe me, I will not blame you. It is the Holy Spirit who does the leading and I am only a tool to tell you my story. God's love for you is beyond my imagination!

Q & A
Are there aliens out there?

NOPE! There is just no evidence up to now that there are intelligent life outside earth. Although there was once water on Mars, there is just no trace of life. Not even what we gathered from satellites and remote control robots.

The Heavens belong to God alone. There is no other beings other than angels and demons and of course, us! A Christian geri website `

Is God real?

"In the beginning GODů" Need I say more

This is a small town. We know that there are homosexual people here. Some of them are our friends, some not. Should our church share the gospel with them, welcome them? It's all so controversial!"

Begin with repentance: It is tempting to assume the position of virtue and want to talk only about the sins we see in others. It is more faithful for each of us to acknowledge to ourselves and others that we come to every discussion as sinners. Whether we are gay or straight, our sexuality is infected by sin. Sin also infects our ability to think, to understand the Bible, to express ourselves, to forgive, to hope, Repent!!

Was Santa Gods brother ?


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This site is dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I can do nothing. Thank You, Jesus for all You have done for me and some others and for what You are about to do to all of us...

Remember Geri cares about all of us
, together ~:)
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