Geriatric Case Management Services is a private geriatric care manager service which provides help to senior citizens in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area.  Our services for our elder clients consist of a comprehensive assessment, arrangement of elder care services, and ongoing monitoring of our client's well being.  We have an extensive background in geriatrics, senior services and senior money management.
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Geriatric Case Management Services
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Why is a Geriatric Care Manager Needed?

In this fast paced life style of the 21st century, adult children are often not able to care for their elderly parents.  The elderly parent may try to live independently but find this to no longer be possible without the help of a person who can closely monitor his/her well being and coordinate services.  The role of a Geriatric Care Manager is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the elderly senior and to develop and implement a care plan which will allow for the greatest degree of independence, safety, and well being.  Geriatric care managers have extensive knowledge of both public and private services that are available for seniors. They are able to use their expertise to guide the senior through the often confusing and frustrating system of services available
What Does Geriatric Case Management Services Do?

We start by setting up an appointment to meet with the senior to conduct an initial in-home assessment.  The assessment will start with an evaluation of the elderly client's ability to function.  We will assess the senior's ability to walk, transfer, dress, bath, groom, eat, cook, use the toilet, clean house, disperse medication, pay bills, use transportation, and shop. We then will obtain as much information as possible about the senior's health and medical problems.  We ask the senior or family members to inform us who the key people are in his/her life who are currently providing help or services.  This may be family members, friends, neighbors, or other services which the senior is paying for. We evaluate the clients mental alertness, ability to make sound decisions and general overall psychological well being. We have an extensive background in
money management and financial analysis and we can provide these services as a part of the geriatric care management package.  We then put together a care plan which consists of options for various courses of action and suggestions for various elder care services which we believe will greatly benefit the client.  We discuss options and suggestions with the client and/or family members.  After decisions are made on a course of action  we make arrangements for services. Our job as a geriatric care manager is to closely monitor the client's situation and make what ever adjustments are needed to maximize the client's well being. Our expertise in the field of geriatrics can make the difference in creating a safe and comfortable environment for our elderly clients.
Geriatric Case Management Services