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This program looks the same as Paid-Traffic since both use the same scripts.

However, what makes these two programs different? Paid-Traffic SCAMS (doesn't pay) people and Paid-To-Promote really PAYS. Click here for proof that it pays.



When you login to Paid-To-Promote, you will see there are 5 codes categories: Promotion, Banner Plus, Banner, Other and New Codes, inside each of them you will find various different codes.


If you are familiar with HTML programming then create your own page, and insert the codes inside < *Head> <*/Head> section. This will accelerate the code loading when people see your page, rather then you insert it between <*Body> <*/Body> section.


For those who will scratch their head when viewing the HTML code, you can choose to promote the Promotion Pages where you can find them in Promotion Codes Category, or simply just copy and paste this page (the one that you are reading now). Don't know how? When you see this page, click your right mouse button and click "View Source".

Replace my code with yours (you can find it inside <*Head> section and under <*Title> section). Name the file to whatever you want and save it as htm or html file (*.htm or *.html)


To be accepted in most of traffic exchange programs and to increase your earning, this combination of ads is strongly recomended:Sky Scraper, Banner, Box Ad and Layer Ad. Leader Borad and Wide Sky ads are also recomended.


Don't destroy Paid-To-Promote by getting them banned on all traffic exchanges because you chose a bad Ads category. The owner has allowed you to make real money without money out of your pocket, so give some respect and support him.


Host your page with free web hosting, is a great host.

Important: Strictly follow the site's rule regarding ad placement to avoid your account get deleted.


STEP 3: Promote PTP's ads and earn real cash

Now, this is the most important part for you to make money: promoting the page you've just created.

PTP will pay you to show visitors their ads (placed on your page). That means you get paid per Ad Impression.Impressions are counted within a given time frame - set by site Admin (in other words, no unique visit necessary). 

So what you need to do is to find the traffic exchange (surf) sites that can deliver heavily hits to your site. The  more traffic exchanges you sign up for, the more hits you will receive.You, however, earn most with UNIQUE visit and ENGLISH-traffics (visits from English-speaking countries).


Here are some recomended surf sites :



Whenever I find traffic exchange sites that deliver a lot of hits, I will post them here. I'm currently earning slightly more than $2/day just using the above traffic exchanges. I'm sure you can do it too (if not better). *Recommended :)




    Last update : 11-16-.2005