Here are some links to other flightsim sites that I have used. Some of them will be familiar to you, but one or two will be new, hopefully. There are millions of them out there, so you have a duty to investigate as many as possible!

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The ultimate flightsim site!You'll probably be familiar with it already, but if you are not, let me tell you that you can find just about everything you could possibly need for a happy (flightsimming) life on this site. If you can't think of anything, go to 'newest files' or 'top 100 downloads' and you will soon find something! You have to 'log in', but this is easy to do, and the search engine is pretty foolproof.

Tom Gibson's California Classics
If you like propliners, this site will give you months of pleasure! There are lots of great airliners - from the DC7 to the humble F27, sounds, panels, classic scenery, static aircraft and much more. I haven't even started on some of Tom's pages, and I've been going there for quite a while.      Some of the panels and sounds are quite large files, so if you have to pay the phone company for all the time you browse, you might start to panic a bit as the download goes on and on and the minutes click by! Recently the site has been changed because it had grown so large. Now, generally only the newest aircraft are on this site. Older propliners, and certain others can be found at the Classic Airliners Page, Reference Edition instead. There you search for the aircraft you're after and download it via Compuserve.

David Zeus Henderson's site has great airliners to download - mainly propliners from the Southeastern USA. I can particularly recommend his Martin 404s (check out the beauty on his Mainpage) and of course the CARVAIR which was the inspiration for mine! David has also recently added scenery for Atlanta Hartsfield in the 1970s and, although I haven't tried it yet (so many great files - so little hard disk space...) I'm sure it will be good. There are lots of 'Cool Links' - the last one is particularly mesmerising!

Swire Mariners Association - SMA & CPA Flight Simulator Page  
Mark Beaumont runs this excellent flightsim page for members of the Swire Mariners Association. The Swire Group own, among other things, Cathay Pacific Airways, so naturally the site is restricted to the aircraft of that company. But, restricted isn't really the correct word - just about EVERY type that CPA ever flew - from the DC3 to the Boeing 777-300 - is featured here, together with panels and scenery for Kai Tak 2000!

Freds Photos
If you want to see some great photos of aircraft at Glasgow, this is the site for you. Fred manages to photograph just about everything, and he always gets high quality results.More than one of my aircraft for FS98 have been made using scans of his photographs and maybe you will be able to find something on his site to interest you. Glasgow may not be the biggest airport in the world, but its location (first/last stop for Transatlantic flights) means that it gets its share of unusual visitors

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