Member Resources is undergoing a major transformation in order to make it a more user-friendly resource to all of BBYO's supporters. It may take a while until everything is easy to access.  Until then, this resource contains a comprehensive list of commonly needed materials.  It is the most complete current inventory of  I hope you find it helpful!

Throughout the course of this term, the website will dramatically change and many more resources will be created and posted on each international officer's resource page.  Keep looking checking the website to see the new, improved, functional, friendly we will be introducing in the next few months. 

Rachel Elizabeth Schwager
60th International N'siah
(and a once frustrated user like yourself)
 BBYO Summer Programs
 BBYO Israel Programs
 Program Bank
 Fold Ideas
General Resources:
? Member Code of Conduct
 Membership Form  (two pages)
? Message Boards
? Graphics/Logos
? AIM Icons
 Regional Staff Contact List
 InternationalStaff Contact List
 BBG I-board (60th Term)
 I-Chairs Contact Information
 Advisor Job Description
 BBYO Alumni Pages