║ Ookido Shigeru ║

Wow... I feel royally cheesy for using the screenname "Geru no Miko"...
But hey, it wasn't taken. ::shrug::

No, I'm not absolutely obsessed with Shigeru ("Gary Oak" from PokÚmon, for all you people who don't bother to follow the original Japanese names for anime characters- although it SHOULD be Gary Orchid). I just create a fan page for him, and go into withdrawal if I don't draw him every once in a while... ^^;

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Click on the grayscale thumbnail. Each pic opens up in its own window.

With Eevee Merboys Hate this. Hate this. Cute-ish.
Love this. Misspelled -_- And hate this. The chibi profile is cute... Don't like this. The best ^^;
Blah. Fire A small quickie... Um. Colours. x.x Lying down with a smirk. A blah one for Beckna.
Sketchy and ugly. Dressed as Eevee! looking over his shoulder-ish? Shirtless Shigeru for some eye-candy! Shigeru winning Chess against Yamato. ^.^
Shigeru's got a new do! Back to School Night! SatoShige

and just as extras...

A 'quilt'.
This is the quilt Satoshi and Shigeru made in my shounenai Shishi/Palletshippy/Shigesato fanfic available HERE.
(Opens in a new window).
My first Shigeru sketch!
My first real non-oekaki drawing of Geru-chan! *_*
This really really sucks.!
... *insert disturbed artist flames* x.x; Yuck is all I can say.
A coloured Shigeru sketch! A coloured Shigeru... I'm okay with this one. ^.^
For Belle-Chan! A little gift for Belle-Chan for a lovely Shigesato picture she did for me. =P

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