The COMPACT model is slightly larger than the one pictured, but the mechanics and the process are the same. This unit is perfect for a cabin or lake house. No plumbing required. No odor - no mess. Electric heater dries off moisture and leaves a dry compost that can be used in your garden. Needs no cleaning or maintenance.



This unit is new (never been installed) perfect condition except a few scratches on the lid from my grandaughter.

Sale price - $750.00 ----  MSRP = $1,189.00


Space Saver


Sunmar Composting ToiletSpace Saver is a standard three chamber unit designed specifically for situations where space is extremely limited. With a width of only 19" and depth of 22", even a closet or small corner can now be turned into a bathroom!

The Space Saver is fitted with the same kind of high quality turbo fan as other electric units have. The difference is that on the Space Saver, a 3" vent stack is included.

The Space Saver has almost the same sized Bio-drum™ as the COMPACT, composting capacity is similar to that of the COMPACT. On the other hanc evaporation is limited by the smaller heater and evaporating surface, so the safety drains should be connected.


Self-contained units are installed directly in the bathroom. They are available in both electric and non-electric versions.

Electric units plug into a regular three(3) pin outlet to power a fan and a thermostatically controlled heating element in the base of the unit. The unit is normally unplugged if it is not going to be used for a few days. Composting capacity varies with the size of the Bio-drum"". Electric units normally have more capacity than non-electric units because they have extra warmth and air movement.

Although advertised composting capacities can be doubled for short periods, SUN-MAR has found that wherever possible it is always better to have a good margin of safety. So, pick a unit with more capacity than you really need.


The most important advantages of self-contained units are:
Being waterless, they need no plumbing or water connection. This means they are quick and easy to install since the only task is to assemble the vent stack which comes with the unit.

  • They are more economical than central units because there is no separate toilet.
  • They are more suited to winter operations than central units, because it is often easier to keep the bathroom warm.
  • Most units evaporate all liquids in seasonal operation. Since the whole waste stream is recycled, approvals are not normally required.
  • Cleaning is simple. All self-contained units have a bowl liner beneath the seat, which can be removed for cleaning whenever necessary.
  • High quality, high gloss fiberglass finish is perfect for indoor installations.

Introduction to Composting


Every living organism consumes nutrients and create waste. To transform waste back to nutrients and complete this cycle, nature uses the processes of decomposition and evaporation. As is often the case, nature seems to be doing things in the best way possible.

That's why SUN-MAR toilets are designed to not only harness these natural processes, but to optimize and accelerate them.

Toilet waste is over 90% water content. This can be evaporated and carried back to the atmosphere through the vent system. The small amount of remaining material is recycled into a useful fertilizing soil.

Wherever there is a poorly working septic system, a SUN-MAR can take care of the toilet waste; where there is an outhouse we offer the luxury of an indoor facility; and where there is no toilet at all, a SUN-MAR provides the right environmental choice. SUN-MAR units are economical, quick to install and easy to use.

Because no chemicals and no septic systems are used, fragile environments can be protected. A SUN-MAR composting unit is 'an environmentally healthy choice for recycling human waste. The SUN-MAR system produces no pollutants, while collecting nutrients.

With a Sun-Mar, Everything is made easy!


Operating a SUN-MAR is easy. Begin by adding some peat mix (Compost Sure) and some SUN-MAR "Microbe Mix" to the Bio-drum™ (Both "Compost Sure" and "Microbe Mix" are included with all units). Now use your SUN-MAR like a regular toilet. Toilet paper needs no special treatment. It is easily decomposed in a SUN-MAR.

For ongoing Maintenance add a cupful of peat mix at the rate of one cupful per person per day of use. When in use, rotate the Bio-drum™ 4-6 full revolutions every third day. For weekend use, just rotate the drum when you leave at the end of the weekend.

To remove compost, release the drum lock and rotate the drum backwards. Now, the drum door remains open and compost drops automatically into the finishing drawer. The entire process takes under 2 minutes and you never have to touch fresh material. In cottage use, some composted material is usually only taken out in the Spring to make room for next year's operation. In heavy, or residential use, some compost will need to be dropped down more often into the drawer for finishing.

Excess moisture in the drum drains automatically through a screen in the rear of the drum into the evaporating chamber. This chamber forms the entire floor of the unit. The superb aeration in the Bio-drum™ ensures an aerobic and therefore odorless breakdown of the compost.


As well as ensuring an aerobic breakdown in the Bio-drum™, SUN-MAR ensures an odor free environment by engineering the air flow within the unit to maintain a partial vacuum at all times. Air is drawn in by a fan, or on non-electric units by the vent chimney, over the evaporating chamber and up the vent stack. Not only does this evaporate excess liquid, but, by continuously pulling air in, we ensure no smell escapes from the unit.

Evaporation is assisted on electric units by a thermostatically controlled heater in a sealed compartment underneath the evaporating chamber.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

Items included in EXCEL and COMPACT carton   Items included in EXCEL NE carton   Items included in ECOLET MOBILE and ECOLET MOBILE (Hull Shape) carton

SUN-MAR units are designed for easy Do-it-Yourself installation. Shipping cartons include (at no extra cost) everything needed to install and operate the unit. The only exception is the 3" plumbing pipe and fittings needed to connect a 1 hint flush toilet to a central composting unit.


• An Owner's Manual (specific to each unit)
• Warranty card
• Peat Mix (301, bag) and dried bacteria 1(1 starting off the unit
• Rake for periodic clearing of the evaporating chamber
• "Compost Quick" enzyme for speeding Lip composting
• Complete vent kit including all pipe, fittings and vent intake assembly.


• Waste inlet assembly for all central units and a complete 10" diameter waste inlet pipe 29" long for all A/F units.
• 10 ft of 1" diameter drain hose for all units except EXCEL and COMPACT.
• Evaporating tray for placing under the drum screen on all Central units.


All electric units are supplied with a power cord and pre-molded plug which connects to a standard three(3) pin 115 Volt outlet and powers both the fan and heating element.


Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.
Residential/Continuous (Adults/Families) 1
Seasonal/Vacation (Adults/Families) 3 adults or families of 4
Electricals must be connected while the unit is in AC use for proper operation
Maximum Amps (With Heater On) 1.2 AC Optional
Fan Watts (Required or Optional Hookup) 4.0 12v Required
Heater Watts (When Thermostat switches it on) 120 AC Optional
Average Power Use in Watts (Heater on 1/2 time) 63
Vent & Drains
Vent Pipe 3" PVC Thinwall
Drains (Required or Optional Hookup) 1" Drains, Required
Weights (Lbs.) & Dimensions
Product Weight/Shipping Weight 45/80
Shipping Carton Dimensions (W by L by H) 28" by 21" by 19"
Depth Required to Remove Drawer 31"
Unit Height/Width/Depth 28" by 19" by 21"


The table below shows vent pipe sizes and lengths included with each unit. All units excluding mobile
units include a roof flashing and diffusor for 2", 3" or 4" pipe as appropriate.

  Electric Non-Electric Ecolet
Self-contained 2" x 10ft. 4" x 8ft. 3" x 10ft.
Ecolet (Mobile) - - 3" x 2 1/2 ft.
Central Units 2" x 15ft. 4" x 13ft. -

 • Vent kits for 2" pipe include two 45° and one 90° elbow in addition to the necessary connectors. 6 ft of 2" pipe insulation is contained in EXCEL and COMPACT kits.
• AC/DC units have a complete 4" vent kit in addition to a 2" kit.
• 3" and 4" kits include only connectors, except that the 4" kits for A/F NE and AC/DC units have two 450 elbows and a 1.4 Watt 12V fan (2000 series) or 2.4 Watt 12V fan (3000 series) for installation in the vent stack.
• Mobile units include 6ft. of 3" flexible tubing, and a fan box with a 12 Volt 4.0 Watt fan. The installer should select a suitable deck vent for the particular installation.

The vent kits included in the shipping carton are sufficient for installation in most single story buildings. If more is needed they are normally easy to find. 2" pipe is PVC Central vacuum tubing, and 3" and 4" pipe is ABS sewer pipe.

Electric units with 2" stacks should have the minimum number of bends, should use 45° elbows wherever possible, and should not have bends totaling more than 360°. No pipe run should be horizontal.

3" ECOLET® and Spacesaver vents and especially 4" Non-electric vent stacks should be installed as straight as possible. If 45° elbow, are needed in a 4" vent stack then a 12 Volt fan should be included in the installation.

Installing a 12 volt fan

Merging a SUN-MAR Vent with other existing vents risks interference and is not advised.

The diffusor included with all but mobile units is a simple but effective device originally patented by SUN-MAR principals to aid updraft, avoid winter freeze up, and protect the vent from downdraft and weather. As shown in the drawing they should ideally be installed 20" or more above the peak, although depending on prevailing winds, lower installations may be possible.