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Get 300 Profit

EARN 30% Daily For 10 DAYS!
Total Return 300%

Get 300 Profit - is a high yield private investment program that specializes in online trading and investments in high yield income opportunities. You can earn daily interest payments on your e-gold for 10 days. Spend any amount between $1 and $5000 and you will receive a daily interest payment equal to 30% of your spend.

Enter Amount You'd like to Spend:
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If You Can't Spend Via this website, You can spend directly from your e-gold account. Spent to e-gold account 1266538 (Get 300 Profit)



The minimum deposit is $1 and the maximum is $5000. You may make additional deposits as many times as you like.


After a deposit is received, daily profit credit will begin the next day. Daily profit credit will be made 7 days per week from Monday to Sunday during 10 days. Each profit credit will be equal to 30% of each deposit. You will receive your payment directly into your e-Gold account.


We offer you a profitable referral program which pays you 5% of spends made by person you refer.
Absolutely NO SPAMMING !

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