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Contents in this link contains 40 photos per page. If you have dial up, or any other internet connection. I suggest you don't go into this section.

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Thank you and welcome to my website. I hope you like how I have done the site and the header above. Let's get down to business.

You may want to read this section to understand all the links on the left side of the page. There are many links filled with pages of fun. You can check out my guestbook, my friends and others who have wandered on this site have written in it. You can even leave me a comment if you would like.

Next we have the birthday section. I orignally had all the birthdays listed here on the main page, but it was dragging the page down. So I made two different links. For the month of March, I have the birthdays of my loved ones located there. Then I have old birthdays, where you can check out all my other friends/celebrities birthdays.

Then it comes to the fun part. The section about me. You can pick from five different links. The first link is a couple questions from all the surveys I have filled out in the past. It is up to date and I tend to keep it that way. Then there is the about page, which I am working on right now, that's why there is an Error sign. I have put that there purposely. When I finish the about page I will post it and let you know right here in the main page of my site. I am also working on the Harry Potter Icons, so you will not be able to see that page for it has an error sign also.

The next page is that songs page. This page is just a list of songs that are my favorite. Now this next link may confuse you, I make graphics off of photoshop for fun and for competetions. I have a link to my livejournal to where I host my graphics. Unforentually, if you want to see my graphics you will have to become a member or you can email me about it.

And last but not least I have my fan fiction that I write. I write Harry Potter fan fiction. I know it best and my favorite 'ship', (relationship) that I use quite often is Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Now you're probably asking yourself what is fan fiction? Fan Fiction is a writing form that borrows the characters from existing works and creates new stories that attempt to expand on those characters' fictional lives.

I also included links of my favorite kind of dog, and my own dogs. My friends dog that has a liking to me. I also included photos of my family and my friends. So you know who I roll with. Ha ha. I never say that phrase.

The rest of my links consist on my cartoon shows I watch, yes I still watch little kid shows. You may think that is immature or dumb, but I'm a kid at heart and I still love video games and anime shows. That's me, and if you have a problem with it, then why are you wasting your time on my website? Leave.

If you don't have a problem with it. Stay and explore, you can even contact me if you would like to get to know me. Or email me if there is a glitch on the site. I have a link to my "myspace". In the favorite link spots.

Anywho, I should let you go and explore. Remember the Friends links, and the favorite links take you away to a different website!


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