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Email Swift Sign up now and get $5.00 for joining and another $5.00 for refering a friend credited to your account.
Get $10 to register, Up to $5 for each task completed and earn 10% of your referrals and 5% of your indirect referrals. Sounds excellent and certainly worth joining.
ActionClix! It works like NITROCLICKS. You have tasks to complete up to 1$ per task ( in the first day 7$ of tasks!!!) but the difference by NITROCLICKS is that you get paid at 20$, just 20$.
Just one referral level at 20%
Permaworld Earn over US$1,400.00 each week online! Help save endangered wildlife and support the work of Environmental and Earth Care organizations worldwide. Visit website and join for FREE today.
Resource-a-Day Pays $10 to sign up, then 40 cents for each direct referral and three more levels. Once you've joined, login to the members page and join the 10-5-QA program. It will give you an additional $2 bonus, then you will receive emails with sponsor's URLs to visit and get paid 10 cents for the visit. 10-5-QA is open only to US residents.
CashRead Get $50 Signup Bonus to register, Get Paid $0.05 to $20 per each e-mail, $10 per referral and for your visits, sign-ups, leads, sales. Sounds excellent and certainly worth joining, but I'll reserve judgement until I see a check. Get in this one now.
3-2-1 Mail This is another new program, get in early and build your downline, so when the emails start coming, you will already have many referrals. The emails are coming fast and furious. They are paying 3 cents each for your emails and 2 cents each for your referrals.
PublicAds Brand New company paying $10 to sign up, then paying 4 cents per email read by you, then 2 cents, 1 cent and 2 cents for three levels of referrals. Sounds like this could be a good one! Jump in NOW!
E-mail Pays U Join and they will give you a $10 sign up bonus. They pay 2 cents per email and 1 cent for your referrals (two levels).
Inboxdollars They have just added a $5 signup bonus. This is a definite must join! They pay 5 cents each and 1 cent for each of your referral's email. They will pay out on a $10.00 balance, which is lower than most of the other programs.
Hits4Pay Wow! $10 free to register, and get paid 2 cents each for your emails and 1 cent each for your referrals and their referrals.
HTMail HIGH PAYER! You will be paid US $0.08 (UK £0.05) for each email code returned when you do not visit the advertisers site or US $0.24 (UK £0.15) if you visit the advertisers web site and complete the feedback form (takes about 30 seconds). You also get US $0.016 (UK £0.1)for every advertisers web site that your referrals return codes from.
Interboss Earn 3 cents per email and 2 cents per referral email.
Mintmail Earn a dime every time you receive email! Sign up FREE at: This is one of the better paying programs, offering 5 cents per email and 3 cents for each referral email. If you take payment in gift certificates (limited choices so far), they will double the value.
SendMoreInfo Program pays about 5 cents per email and 2 cents for each referrals email read.
(Six Figure Income)
Earning $100,000 a year is just as easy as earning $15,000 when you know how!
Going Platinum We are an online cooperative community that shares its revenues with you. Advertisers, affiliates and sponsors pay us every time you click on an ad, participate in a poll, do a search, shop on our Web site and more. We get paid so we share it with you.
Cash-a-Day Pays 2 cents per email and 1 cent for two levels of referrals.
SAC Money Program Paid program with several levels of referrals to earn from. Additionally, you receive traffic to your site based on the level that you join. Program just started December 7...get in now...this is going to be BIG!

How are you going to get paid?
Each program has their own way of paying.
Sign up FREE with these companies and you be
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How good are these programs? Well, if you are looking to just make a couple of bucks, then join them all. But if you are expecting to earn a lot, then you need many people in your downlines. Begin with your friends and family, send them an email with your referral id for each program. If you place them all in one email, they can join each of them at one time. When you let them know that the programs are free and they only have to open their emails to get paid, many of them will be willing to do it for you. The number of emails they receive won't be excessive and take a lot of their time.

If you have a web site, place your links to the programs there, then begin to promote them. There are many different possibilities here, including search engine submissions, pay per click search engines, Paid Web Traffic sites, FFA (Free For All) pages, classified ads, banner exchanges, click exchanges, email signatures, ezine advertising, etc. All these come with a cost, some are dollars out of pocket, while some are time spent. The payoff comes later when you have built a good sized downline and the money comes in month after month.

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