Saturday, April 10, 2004


Drunken Phone calls kick ass!! How ever track meets the next day do not... First last night...oooo man nothign like drinking in a 7-11 parking lot with everyone but than again what do we do in this god forsaken town...HANG OUT IN PARKING LOTS! so after awhile there i came home because it was getting gay and from tehre it gets blurry once again...atleast this time i didnt run over the garbage cans and not realize it till the morning when my dad pointed it out...

The meet was ok i guess i won field MVP again so thats cool i heard all about the highlights from hte "EXCLUSIVE" track party that was held on Thursday night. oh yea i was suppose to be there i was one of the main people wait why is that again why i didnt go oh yea FUCKING 3 HOUR DELAY fucking Newark ariport by the time i got home it was way after 11 and I was just to tired/pissed off...anyways


* Amanda * 4:35 PM

Friday, April 9, 2004

I sent out some shit today for someone....thats the highlight of my day so far, haha i think me and SoCo are gonna become good friends tonight Vargs is the DD but i dont think i should because i need to have a "serious" talk with someone tonight and i shouldnt do it in that condition but i gotta look for somethign for Amanda

* Amanda * 2:22 PM

Thursday, April 8, 2004

For some reason i'm happy my plane was delayed for 2 hours, in doing so I was able to witness 1 of the most beautiful thing's i've ever seen. You havnt seen a sunset unril you've seen one from 35,000 feet on a beautifully clear night just mountainees vallies of white clouds and purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange all blending as one to make the most picturesque picture. As the sun ducks away behind the clouds, you know if nothing else one thing is guarnetted tomorrow and that is it will be back to shower you with its warmth and happiness....

* Amanda * Sometime between 7-9 PM

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Nothing really to exciting has been going on Hung out w/ Steve yesterday that was cool..I love him like i really do we could do nothign and still have the time of our life YAY for best friends

I leave today for a mini 1 day vacation i'm flying Continetal I heard it's the best we shall see.

Track is going ok i guess practice everyday at 10am in the below freezing weather YES! Gotta love it

I made a best of Green Day cd its KICK ASS! spring break is almost over and when i get back it WILL be over cause well i guess not i will still have friday and than saturday track meet all day for like 12 INSANE hours but it's suppose to be nice so i'm excited...Oh YEA! My hairs dyed i dont know if i like it or

* Amanda * 8:27 AM

Sunday, April 4, 2004

It's been confirmed Nationals this year are on June 18th & see I graduate high school on June 18th and my birthday is June 18th

* Amanda * 1:14 PM

Bruce Springsteen is a good singer and you know what he's one os "Us" Us= Jersey Folks...i'm just listening to a bunch of his know who else is good Meatloaf & Bon Jovi ooo how I Heart New Jersey sometimes, Wait was Meatloaf from New Jersey...idk? But we have the bestest celebrity list of ALL the states.

As for yesterday 3 golds and 1 watch with muddy, rainey, freezing & Torn up runway & 2 crossover steps isn't that bad

Still Looking for a poem/quote/whatever for him anyone has any suggestions just e-mail or im them to me

Last night made me relize alot i truly am going to miss my parents and of course lucy over the next 4 years. I have gotten extremely close to my parents this past year and i'm gonna miss them so much i mean LSU is so much closer than California i think thats anther reason i picked that i could have gone out last nigth with numerous people but i didnt i stayed in and wathced a 4 1/2 hour movie with my parents and i had so much fun i'm not really gonna lie its cool though. Maybe i'll go and redo the all about me page i dont know we will see.

* Amanda * 8:36 AM

Friday, April 2, 2004

APRIL IS HERE! And so is the snow.... I've changed my mind about what school i'm attending LSU #1 Track team in the nation...SAWEET!

My First track meet is tomorrow...its suppose to be raining and windy and shit so i'll be real happy opening up over 145...ya 145

I had one of the greatest talks of my life last night it made me relize alot of things and i relized that i will always have somone in my life who no matter what will be there and that i need him in my life and that i really don't know what i would do with out him... I <3 You

I want some Seasome Jack Chicken for dinner maybe i will get some maybe not but i'm gonna go look for some food now...OH YEA DOWNLOAD SIMON & GARFUNKLE - FAKIN IT....GREAT SONG

* Amanda * 3:48 PM

Tuesday, March 30th, 2004

Still havn't taken my shower hmph i'm getting sicker and sicker maybe i'm just going to go to bed now or like in 30 minutes or so yea I think I want to send out my LSU application tomorrow or atleast bring it down to guidence but i dont know who to send it to so that will have to wait till tomorrow. Ummm i added some new sections over there <---... so i didn't fail math so that means it didnt drop 28 points i still dont understand how u can go from like a 97 to like a 70 something shit mustn't be me must be the fucking MATH NAZI! ...but i'm headed to bed now oh yea buy me somethign form the wishlist over on the left i will love you forever <3

"Two people touching lips, hand on each otherís hips nothing else in the world but one another."Incubus" You are amazing babe...

* Amanda * 7:35 PM

So far today was a negative 9 haha nah it was alright after an amazing conversation w/ Pat last night...ass...i woke up in a really good mood well until i took my first breath and relized how bad my allergys are i think i'm dieing im on 3 different medicnes and non are working so they totally suck like i said practice was ok today excpet the fact that it was like 37 degrees and raining...ask me how much i threw to....i think i'm gonna go take a LOOONG hot bath with some candles..."Do you mind if i light candles" and some cookies or something like that....yea cookies

* Amanda * 4:48 PM

Monday, March 29th, 2004

So after basically taking a month off from " Get A Spoon" i've gotten back into the mood of writing let's just recap what happen this past month to catch you up to date shall we....

Boys Basketball won Group 3 Championship
Track Started
My math grade dropped 28 points fucking Math Nazi
I'm still in love with the same man :-)
STIL, everything is not big in brick

* Amanda * 7:07 PM

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