Getaway Sams        Jacksonville, Florida
WELCOME TO GETAWAY SAMS                          CHAPTER #69  

President            Gene Bundy

Vice President     Marvin Cox

Secretary            Carol Ring

Treasurer            Jeanne Dodd

The purpose of the Getaway Sams is to promote enjoyment, companionship and recreation for it's members, to conduct monthly campouts and to hold business meetings during these campouts and to support the Good Sam Club and abide by The Good Sam Pledge.

Getaway Sams meet on the fourth full weekend of each month at various campgrounds which are normally within 100 miles of Jacksonville.  For additional information contact the Webmaster or call (904) 737-3771

Newsletter Editor & Webmaster
Ron & Trina Snelling
2004 Officers
LR, VP Marvin Cox, Pres. Gene Bundy, Treas. Jeanne Dodd and
Sec. Carol Ring
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