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If GOD had meant people to be bisexual they would have created two sexes... My Stats:

AGE: 45
    WEIGHT: 160
    HEIGHT: 5'10"
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Love is the answer, but while you wait for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions. - Woody Allen
Being bisexual means many things to all of us.  This web site has been created to help myself and others understand what it means to me.  With all its contridictions,

Living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area
Work as a software  engineer
More specifically around the community of  Sunnyvale

When I'm not working I enjoy reading, running and playing racquetball.

I am an attractive  bi married male
bi female/male or, bi married couple
who is seeking a bisexual-mm  for a Long Term Relationship.  A relationship that is based on friendship as much as other pleasures.  A person or couple that is otherwise magmanomous.  Seeking an attractive and fit person or couple.  Smooth petite bodies are a plus for me.
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