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I would like to thank you for visiting my Website and wish to give a brief personal history about myself.

1.      My name is Bekele Asamenew Wolde Meskel.

2.      Born February 26, 1938.

3.      Married to W/ro Abebech Seyoum Endale.

4.      We have four children and three grandchildren. The names of our children are W/ro Elizabeth Bekele, Ato Firew Bekele, Ato Abebebaw Bekele and Fasil Bekele. Our grandchildren Tinsaye Berhanu (Prezu) and Dagmawi (GieGie) Berhanu are born to Ato Berhanu Damte (our son-in-law) and Elizabeth Bekele. Besufekad (Butu) Firew is born to Firew Bekele and W/ro Belaynesh (Lili) Jembere.

5.      You may please see Our Photo Album and read my Interests  and Favorites