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Air Core Ceramic Magnet Zappers
the technoligy holds many World Records for Slot Cars Classes

Zapping slot magnets is the best thing for the motor
they will run cooler, smoother, faster with better brakes.
The guass readings before and afer will show improvements.

Available through Raceways and Dealers Only

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* Authorized Dealers
Wynnum Slot Car Centre
Browns Plains Slotcars
Nomad Raceway
ACE Hobbies Import and Export

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* Services
Magnet Zapping
Gauss Reading
Honing Magnets
Motor Blueprinting
Precision Comm True
Chassis Alignments and Rebuilds
Motor Analyzer Testing
Tire Machining available
Durometer Readings
Lathe Work
Controller Rebuilds
Complete Winged Bodies
Custom Designs and Stickers

epoxing magnets is not available
two weeks before any major race meetings
no services will be available

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