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The Official Fanclub of Lucky the Lone Angel

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I have known Lucky for about a year now. I came across her tribute site to the most phenomenal female wrestler in the known world, Molly Holly, and have found out that this great taste in wrestlers is not the only similarity that we share.

For one, we are both buckeyes. Though Lucky lives in the south now, Ohio is her place   of birth and she maintains a strong affection for the heartland state.

Second, Lucky is a creative sort who likes to write fan fiction about her favorite stars of pro      wrestling, mostly Molly and Bradshaw, inserting herself into fantasy roles that she actually longs to fill. I like to write as well about my favorites, and though my writing is not as technically sound as Lucky's by any standard you can find some of it at my other site.

Third, Lucky has been one of the biggest marks for Tylene Buck, or Major Gunns from WCW. What red blooded American male isn't interested in Tylene as well? :) She is probably the most gorgeous and controversial valet in wrestling right now, and one of the only reasons I watch WCW at all these days.

Lucky has been an absolute princess to all her mollymaniac friends. She is passionate about wrestling, and even though I have never met her in person I think of her in the highest regards as a friend and someone who has educated me about the intricacies of the sport. Her spirit to pursue her dream of becoming involved in pro wrestling motivated me to build this site for her, the very least I could do for someone displaying such courage and ambition in her life.

So, if you want to get Lucky, you better snatch this domino up before someone else does.


Any attempt to duplicate or copy this content will be met with total complicity, as it it will only serve to promote the fabulous Lucky !



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