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I'm Ronnie I'm 26 years old and well on my way to becoming a multi milloinaire through the Grace and Wisdom of God!

My passion and goal is to teach others how to do the same. There is no use for all  wealthy people to have wisdom on how to acheive wealth and not share it with others. So if you would like to know how e-mail me! I don't mind shareing some principles that have changed my life, it's enough money out there for everyone to at least have a million!

About My Business: I love the businesses I'm in; I get to make money off of Hollywood Stars instead of them just makeing it off of me. I do that by haveing my own dvd web store and soon we will be selling cd's,PS2Games and more, their sold at lower prices than "SunCoast" and other brand name stores. It is really great for me and anyone else that watch and buy dvd's because you are going to buy it anyway! I'll show you how it's done only if you are seriuos about makeing money! I am blessed  to be a blessnig! To see my full website go to: dvdpowerline/money in my favorite links

I have a wounderful husband who is my business partner, we also own a bail bonding company, and a health and vitamin store. 

So if you want to start a business, need advice, or anything in between. Here I Am!   

Why am I am doing this page? To talk with people that with out this page I would never talk to,and without it you may not know how to get to your wealth!

A word of wisdom: The internet is a great way to make money with little labor and without a lot of money! Two of my businesses are online! If you want to check out my online webstore go to:

If you would like I am available for chat or instant messenger.

Be Blessed And Not Stressed!!

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