Ryan Conner Mathews
Fitness Trainer
Hi! Thanks for checking out my site. I really don't train as much as a used to, but I would be more than happy to give advice or take on a few clients.Getting in shape just requires some patience, drive, vision, and daily goals! Now some info on me, I was the typical geek in school, plus overweight.
This made it very difficult for me, in fact I almost failed school because I wouldn't dress for gym. Unfourtunatly, people can be very cruel. I was called names like fat back, and webble wobble on a daily basis. So I went on a search to find some answers on how I could change my body.
Attitude! I was stuck in a cycle of depression. Your attitude about yourself is the corner stone for everything. 
I really learned that in 1991. I was trying to help a woman that was being attacked, and in the process was hit in the face twice with a gun. It crushed the whole right side of my face. I had to under go 8 1/2 hours of surgery. I walked away with  titanium plates, screws, wires, and a low self esteem. As a result, I became  overweight,  and extremly depressed. I finally managed to find a way out of the cycle.
That's the key to success in any area of life! You must break the cycles that hold you where you are in life. If you could learn anything from me, learn this: You must enjoy your life no matter if you are overweight, poor, or struggling.
Honestly, I don't know anymore than any other trainer, or have a magic answer. I can inspire you, motivate you, and make you laugh a little on the way. I want you to enjoy your time training/. A trainer is a lot like a teacher, but more hands on. I can show you the correct form, tell you what exercise works best, and encourage you to get on the right track. However, I found that you will learn the most if you are entertained.                            You have to find the drive and will power to push  through your circumstances.Then you will be able  to  accomplish your long        term goals.
I started training because I love people, and helping others.I have been working more as an actor than a trainer to date. I am as passionate about that and writing as training. I do miss the interaction with my clients though. So I just recently re-certified through the Aerboics and Fitness Assoc of America.   About the only thing I can tell you is to make daily goals, and set them reasonably. Then do not punish yourself if you do not attain them. Rather do a 3 day run of goals setting, and have a reward for yourself at the end of the 3rd day. I think it is not good to starve yourself or to cut cold turkey.  Then start by realizing that you want to change the way you percieve yourself. Then realize that the girls on the cover of Vanity Fair have been through a team of retouch artists using photoshop. I have seen the proof. I actually used to be a graphic artist, and that's a big buisiness to retouch someones tush...yes even guys!
So plan realistic goals for your body type, the key is to achieve a healthy, fit body. So you need to approach your goals not only with a knowledge of what you want, but also with the reality of your limitations. Just be the best you can be with what God gave you!Then think about whether you will be training at a gym, at home, outdoors, or another place of your choosing. I've trained clients with equipment at home, planned activities outside, trained at a private gym, or at a commercial gym like Bally's. Next you need to think about whether you would like your trainer to work out along side of you, or as your guide. While you're thinking about all of those things, you're probably noticing the photos to the left. These are from people that I have worked with either on a short term or long term basis. Talk to you soon! Please contact me at the number or email below.
Ryan Conner Mathews

GetnFitnLA@yahoo.com or contact me at (213) 924-1944