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Get paid for surfing!?!

updated in june of 2002


Did you know that you can earn money while surfing the net ?

Most of you have probably heard something about these services, but few people really believe that these things could work. You should read this page until the end because we have tried out these pay-to-surf programs and we can assure you: THEY REALLY WORK! I haven't made these pages just for fun...

You earn money while surfing, playing games or while reading e-mail. Sound incredible, doesn't it?


Competition is rough in the advertisement-business and advertisers are willing to pay lagre sums to be heard. They are dying to reach people also trough the internet( They are talking about billions of dollars in the netadvertisementbusiness).

Advertisers can reach people easily with these pay-to-surf programs. This way the pay-to-surf program is just a middleman between the advertiser and the people. Pay-to-surf services sell advertisement opportunities to the advertisers and pay the surfers for viewing ads. Everyone benefits:

  • Adverisers get the adspace they need
  • pay-to-surf service takes a part of the profit for itself
  • and the surfers get the rest (40-90 % depending to the service) - make money with your website


There are lots of services in the internet that offer a possibility to earn money. All of these don't pay worldwide or do not pay honestly. WE HAVE GATHERED HERE THE BEST AND WORKING SERVICES.
To get to this page the service has to have reasonable rates, it has to be reliable, and there has to be an opportunity to get paid with a check among to other ways (such as paypal).
Which one of these services is the best depends much on your opportunities to use the internet and gain referrals.

If you are already sure, that you want to join some of these services( Or even all of them!), then just choose the service and join. Just remember to use my ID while joining.In Cashfiesta: juvain, in spedia:, in bronzebar: 10000679 and in cashradio: juvain. BUT IF YOU STILL AREN'T SURE OR YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, READ FURTHER...

Make cash on the 


Almost all of these servises have a similar principle:

  • At first you register to the service, at which point you get your personal user ID, password and account. From your account you can see how the amout of cash earned grows.
  • After that you download the advertisementbar-program to your computer ( You can find more detailed information about this from the services homepage)
  • And after that you can immediately start earning money every time you keep the adbar open while you surf the net.


With the referralsystem you can earn by telling your friends about the service. If your friends join the program, you will be paid a bonus. Your friends get the same rates as you do. YOUR BONUS DOESN'T DECREASE YOUR FRIEND'S PROFIT ! , But you will be paid a certain percentage of the amount your friend earns from his/hers surfing.

You can earn by referring your friends from 1-8 levels depending on the service. So you will be paid for your direct referrals and the people they refer and so on. You earn money every time the people you refer earn money!


Find out more about these services on these pages and join! There is nothing you could lose, you wont be demanded to commit to anything and you don't have to pay for anything! You can only win ! We know from experience, that you might have hard time believing that these services can work even after joining one of them, but when you receive your first check, it will be a nice surprice!

Information about the services:

|Spedia| Cashfiesta| Bronzecash| Cashradio|

If there is something you want to ask or comment or if you have some suggestions to these pages or anything for that matter just mail me!

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