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Last Updated August 29, 2001
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Some people only have twenty direct referrals and over 3000 in their downline!!!
Pays for 10 levels of referrals - $0.05 per email that you read.  For a limited time, all new members receive a $10.00 instant bonus for joining.  Pays out at $25.00.  Available internationally.  Great potential to build a large downline!

UPDATE:  Traffic Infusion has launced it's credit card program. All you have to do is apply - it's completely free.  Even if you are not approved for the credit card you will still get residuals from your referrals who do apply.  $5.00 for each direct referral and $2.00 for referral levels 2-10.  This could be really good!  There is NO annual fee for this card.  This program is completely free for you to participate in.  Good luck!

Currently Accepting All Internationals as members but for now will only pay for USA credit applications. But they have contacted a Canadian Bank and they have expressed interest.
Paid email program that pays 3 levels deep.. I recommend upgrading to Gold Membership as they give you referrals.  I did and my downline grew to over 2300 in 8 weeks. 
I've been paid THREE times!!!
Earning Force:
Pays you cash for reading email, shopping online, signing up for free stuff, and much more! Every time you read an email, you'll earn $0.05. You need to click on the URL in the email to verify that you read the email and to get credit. You'll also earn $0.01 for each email that your referrals read up to the 2nd level of referrals.  I recommend upgrading to Gold Member.  You'll earn $12 for every one of your level 1 referrals and $4 for every one of your level 2 and level 3 referrals who upgrade to a Gold Membership. Moreover, you will get unlimited referrals automatically assigned to you.  I did and got $100 dollars in 4 weeks and my downline grew to over 1800.
I've been paid THREE times!!!
Newly Added:

Please user Hilary in the referral box.  Thanks.


May have to click twice to load page.  Pays 12 levels!!!






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Add Bonus


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Amazing Solution



When signing up put in my name: hilary (using the lower case for the "h") in
the referral box:

Bonus Mail
You need to join MyPoints to participate in the Bonus Mail program. Please
put in HilaryT under referral. Thanks.

Cash Space

Commission Marketing

Consumer Direct

Use my ID# FTJ-657 or email address when signing up:    Thanks

Email Give Aways

Email Our Way

Email PaysU

Email That Counts



Get Paid4

Gossip Asia
Please put my email
address in the referral box: Thanks.

Go Zing


Inbox Cash

Inbox Dollars

Incentive Mail
Down till March 2001


iNeed That TV



Mail for Europe
Mail Mint

Mail Round
Please use as a refferal. Thanks

Media Bucks

Memo Link

Mint Mail

Money Message

Money with Mail


Night Mail



Peaceful Void

People Pond
Please put in my email address: Thanks.

Pop3 Online

Prima Reward

Purchase Alert
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Read Click

Send More Info

Stone Diver

Swappers and Collectors

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YesMail (All Community)



The webmaster of this site, the server, or anyone associated with this site will not be held liable for any program(s) and/or problems you have associated with any program(s) that you join from this website.  Use discretion before joining any program.  Please read all terms and agreements on every program that you may join.
Paid Surveys
Pay For Clicks
Get Paid to Sign up +
Get Referrals
Other Good Paying Programs
Paid Surveys
Get Paid to Sign up +
Get Referrals
Pay For Clicks
Other Good Paying Programs
Link Chips:
Please use referral ID:  Thanks.

This is not a paid email program, but I couldn't resist putting it on the front page.   I REALLY recommend this one.  All of my referrals have won money!!!  They pay when your account balance is $10.

I have gotten over $550 from them and continue to receive a check every month!!!

Prizes range for 5 credits to $10,000.  You know instantly if you win - no waiting and trying to remember numbers!!! You get a bounty equal to 20% whatever your Bonus Buddies win. You get a bounty of 5% of whatever your Bonus Buddies' Bonus Buddies win. These are additional payments, and don't come out of your Buddies' prizes. All Bonus Buddy awards are paid in credits. US citizen 18 years or older, except residents of Florida and New York.
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Paid Ways:
mMoolaMail (
Free Games REAL Cash
Free Games REAL Cash
Get Credits to Read Mail, and Post Your Links to an Opt-In Mailing List! How Does It Work? Read a mail, click the confirmation link,and you get 5 credits. We deliver your promotion to a qualified e-mail address for every
credit you earn. You get 1 credit for each one of your referral read a mail. Sign Up and Get 10 Credits for FREE.  Great way to earn exposure for your website / get paid program.
You get $0.03 credit for each e-mail you read plus $0.02 for each e-mail your referrer reads plus $0.01 for each e-mail there referrer reads. Its as easy as 1,2,3 cents!
They pay $0.02 per E-Mail, and $0.01 for each E-Mail received by your referrals, two levels deep!
Pays $2 to sign up and $2 for referral.  pays by cheque at $25 monthly, international

US members will be paid either by PayPal transfer [quicker and the preferred method of payment] or check. International members will be paid by PayPal transfer only.

Members wishing to be paid by PayPal transfer may request payment any time after their account balance reaches a minimum of $19.99. Members wishing to be paid by check may request payment any time after their account balance
reaches $29.99.
Get paid $0.01 for 6 levels. When you join CashWind community, you will have the option to receive valuable free information concerning your interests via email and get paid for reading them. You will get paid even when your referrals read our emails. The minimum payout rate is $0.01 for every email you or one of your
referrals read. 6 levels of referrals.  Available Internationally.
3-2-1 Mail:
Will PAY you $0.03 for each e-mail that you read and $0.02 for every mail read by your referrals!
**Coming soon** an additional level! This additional referral level will pay $0.01 for
each e-mail! This should be ready by Fall of 2001!!  Available Internationally.
Available Internationally.

Welcome to WinCashMail and our great weekly newsletter. We deliver right to your mailbox the latest and greatest deals for the hottest web casinos, cyber sports books and Internet sweepstakes. We search the web for you and then we email you with the newest, and best, sites to go to for winning real cash, playing with free trials, extra chips and no purchase necessary giveaways.
NOTE: You will need to sign up with the Webmaster program to get a referral link.
Click4EasyCash: Adding Paid Email Program
We have changed the first section of our membership agreement. It previously stated that when joining as a Click4EasyCash member, you agree to receive periodic emails from us not to exceed more than 1 per day. We have changed this to up to 2 emails per day.

Level 1  10%
Level 2  5%
Level 3  3%
Level 4  2%
Level 5  5%
Level 6  10%
PlatinClicks:   Adding Paid Email Program.
We have good news for you! After the testing period has ended, we will introduce our paid email program within the next few days! So you'll get cash on your account for every members mail shortly.
Also, you'll earn the 8-level downlinepercentage same as in our paid-to-click and paid-to-search sections
CompDough: Adding Paid Email Program.
We have just purchased a new email program that will allow you to earn more money with CompDough's Paid E-mail. After we install the program, all you have to do is look for the
paid links in our emails.
Earning Click:

For each e-mail you read, visiting the sponsor's site, you will be credited 10 points.

Each e-mail clicked by your direct referrals will credit your account with 5 points.

Points value will be assessed month by month according to our earnings and will be published on our site.

Moreover you will get more visits at your site/links with our link-exchange e-mail program!

Per each site visited you will earn 1 Ad Point And you will also earn 1 Ad Point per each site visited by your referrals.

When you reach at least 1000 Ad Points you can have your Ad, 300 characters + link sent to our Members as follows:

1,000 Ad Points = Ad to 500 members
2,000 Ad Points = Ad to 1200 members
5,000 Ad Points = Ad to 3300 members
10,000 Ad Points = Ad to 7000 members
Earn Cash from reading emails - 4 referral levels deep
Level 1 - 10%
Level 2 -   5%
Level 3 -   3%
Level 4 -   2%
Available Internationally.  They pay by PayPal or check after the minimum of $25 is reached.
Nitroclicks Inc. is an online MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company which is currently offering part time employment via the internet. The job is related to internet marketing and advertising, but it does not require any specific knowledge and/or skills. We are looking for creative and communicative people who enjoy using the internet. 

Description: Each of our members receives 22-26 emails per month containing 1 task each. They are usually simple tasks (asking to visit a website), or sometimes a little more complicated ones (asking to register on a particular website). Tasks are different each time and they are chosen according to member's personal interests. In addition each member has the ability to increase his(her) earnings by referring other people. Our members do not only get paid for direct referrals, but also for
indirect ones, 5 levels deep.  Pays out at $500.  I believe this will lower considerably as member complain about it.


- $6.00 for the registration
- $3.00 for each task completed
- 10 percent of direct referrals' revenue (people that you refer to join us)
- 5 percent of indirect referrals' revenue (referralsmade by your referrals)
Has already begun to send email. New International Get paid to read email 5 levels of referrals
No minimum payment and payments are made by PayPal.
Earn by reading e-mail and visiting web sites! You will get from $0.50 to $0.05 for every paid e-mail you receive. Get  $0.01 for every e-mail your first level referrals read and $0.05 for every e-mail your second level referrals read. Available Internationally.
New company that pays you to signup, to read email, and to login!!  1000 points ($0.40) per referral! Payout: $20.
New program just launched and its called You will be
paid 2 cents per email read and 1 cent for everyone of your referrals...2
levels deep!!
We will be adding a Paid-Email Program to our site within a matter of more way for our members to earn additional money.  Details will be forthcoming as soon as the program is in place

We have discontinued getting paid in points for clicking on banners.  All commissions will now be paid in "real cash".  All points earned to date have been converted to a cash value.  By combining commissions for clicks and signups, our minimum redemption has been set at $35.00.  Commissions will be
paid through PayPal.
Earn points for visiting web page signing up for web sites and reading your emails you can use these points to enter in our drawings or to redeeming cash or other prizes on offer. There is not and nor ever will be a charge for using this site so sign up free today and start making those points and make even more points by referrer you friends, family and acquaintances and earn 20% of there earnings as well as 10% of there referrals earning which is updated on a weekly bases and can be used for either the direct redemption or the free prize drawings.

For 150,000 points you get $20
For 300,000 points you get .$50
For 500,000 points you get $100
For 1,000,000 points you get $250
Now you can earn money just for reading e-mail and visiting web sites! You can earn $0.50  for every e-mail you read and earn $0.50 for every e-mail your referrals read on four levels. Special Offer in August 2001.Refer your friends and we will send you cash immediately! Minimum payout is $15 paid through PayPal or check.


International Members are Welcome!
Email Me
CashMoneyEmail: Get $10 to Sign Up!!!
Cash Money Email will pay you $.02 for every piece of email you receive and read.

Introduce Cash Money Email to others and earn even more money! Let the efforts of others make you some serious money. As our way of saying thank you for sharing our company with others we will pay you $.01 for every piece of email your referrals receive and read for as long as they are a member.

Member commissions shall be paid by company check or  Payments are processed monthly. Please allow up to 45 days from date of payout before receiving payment. Member commissions must exceed $50 in order to receive payment. Commissions earned during any month less than $50 will be carried over into the following month.
You will earn 10% of the amount your direct referrals earn, 5% of the amount your indirect referrals earn, 3% of the amount your 3rd level referrals earn, 2% of the amount your 4th level referrals earn, 2% of the amount your 5th level referrals earn and 3% of the amount your 6th level referrals earn.

You may request payment after your account reaches $15 for payment via PayPal and $25 for payment via check.
GetPaidMore: $2 Signup Bonus

You will earn 10% of the amount your direct referrals earn, 5% of the amount your indirect referrals earn, 3% of the amount your 3rd level referrals earn and 2% of the amount your 4th level referrals earn.

You may request payment once your account balance reaches $30...4 Referral Levels.You will earn 10% of the amount your direct referrals earn, 5% of the amount your indirect referrals earn, 3% of the amount your 3rd level referrals earn and 2% of the amount your 4th level referrals earn.

Using our Power-Line system you have the ability to earn over & over again each week, this increases your earning potential, plus with the Power-Line system the amount you can earn is not limited.

The Power-line is the most powerful system in the world, unlike the traditional pyramid system, with the Power-line system everyone goes into one straight line.

When you join, our system gives you a position in the Power-line, when you have 3 sponsored members (either personally or from re-cycling members) the next 100 members from anywhere in world, who join or re-enter below you, get credited to you and you complete a cycle. You are then automatically re-entered into  Power-Line to start another cycle again.

On completion of each cycle you are given 1 credit, at the end of  each week we add up your credits. If you have 3 credits for that week you would receive 3 shares of the bonus pool.
Pays 15 Levels!!!
Hitman's Gold sends out emails.  At the bottom on the email there is a link to click onto.  You get 1 credit (1 visit to your site). Many of the emails you don't have to click.  Your credits are automatically assigned which is really nice.
They will pay you $0.01 - 0.05 by reading our Cash-Clickers Email.  Participate in our Fast Cash-Clickers Sign Up Offers and you'll be paid anywhere from $0.10 to $10 per offer!

There's more... earn 10% of your referrals make whenever they read their email.  Help us sell advertising and earn 5% commission. Earn 20 Cash-Clickers Points for every referral that joins our Paid Email program.  Open memberships for USA and 31 International Countries. Members get paid via PayPal. You will be eligible to receive a payment when your account has accumulated $15.00 US.
They will pay you for reading the e-mail, clicking on a link, and following a few simple instructions.* Begin to refer others and they will pay you half of all the reading bonus they earn.* Those people you have referred will
refer others and they will pay you one quarter of all the reading bonus THEY earn!* They will reward you for reading most of the mail they send. If you have referred at least two people to the program and you read
75% of the email they send you, they will pay you an additional bonus which could be hundreds of dollars per month!
MorEarnings :
They will pay you at least $0.01 for every Email advertisement you read & visit.  You also earn money while clicking & viewing advertiser's websites. However, for this , they'll pay you up to 80% of the amount earned.

You will earn 30% of the amount your direct referrals earn, 15% of the amount your indirect referrals earn, 10% of the amount your 3rd level referrals earn, 5% of the amount your 4th level referrals earn, and 1% of
the amount your 5th level referrals earn.

You may request payment via PayPal after you have earned $10. You may request payment via check after you have earned $25.
Get $1 to sign up. Get referral bonus on 3 levels --- 10%;9%;8%