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Paid Email Programs
For every e-mail you read and respond to, you will earn a nickel in your personal 2-opt.com account. Each time you read an ad, you accrue earnings in your 2-opt.com account. Once a month, we will e-mail all users who have at least $10 US in their account and ask them if they want us to mail a check, or continue to let their earnings accrue. Along with all these great offers you will receive, you will also be entered into our monthly Sweepstakes. Simply by being a member in good standing, signing up(Opting-in) once, you'll automatically be entered into our monthly Sweepstakes. That's Correct! EVERY MONTH, for the lifetime of your membership. We are giving away LAPTOPS, CELL PHONES, CASH, PALM PILOTS, and more!. Members are paid both domestically and internationally in US dollars you can direct them to.
NOTE:  This is an About-Spedia venture.  I am signed up with Spedia and this seems to be a different programs.  Even if you are signed up with Spedia you will need to sign up for the paid email program.

Get 5 to 10 ad points ($.04 - $.10) every time you receive a commercial email from our sponsors. Get 5 to 10 ad points ($.04 - $.10) every time you receive a commercial wireless message from our sponsors. You also get paid for referring your friends to use this service. The referral structure is 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5% for a total of five levels.
Pays for 1 level of referrals. You get 10% of what your referrals earn. Available internationally. Generally pays quarterly, but if you make the minimum you'll get paid monthly. Minimum pay-out is $20.00 for the US and Canada, $30.00 for other countries.
Pays for 1 level of referrals. Pay is based on reveune generated. I average $0.045 per email and $0.015 per email that my referrals read. Available internationally. Beginning January 2001 they will have the option to pay via PayPal by request. Currently, minimum pay-out is set at $50.00, but they are considering lowering it now that they are going to use PayPal.
Allpaid for:
Now has a paid email program - no longer just web-based mail.
Paid email plus paid click and stuff. 
Amazing Solutions:
They were down for awhile to get advertisers, but are back now. Pay is based on revenue generated. Get paid up to 50 for each email you read, up to 10 for each referral, plus 5 and 1 down the line. Available internationally. They send out checks when your balance is $10 or more. (Outside the US, $30 or more).
May need to refresh page to load it.
You can earn 10 points for each email message! The approximate price 10 points is between $0.05 - $0.07, depending on the advertiser thus pay is based on revenue generated. There are two URLs in the mail. One pays 2 points and the other pays 8 points. Pays for 1 level of referrals. Available internationally. Paid monthly by check or WebCertificate when balance reaches $22.00
Visit websites and receive emails to earn letters for prizes. Spell the prize and you win it. You also earn letters for referring friends and can earn amazon gift certificates. They run a free sweepstakes game through email. You play just by opening the daily email they send you. It's totally new, a lot of fun, and you can win really great prizes! And it's entirely free!
Earn points which can be redeemed for gift certificates or you can make donations to charities. Pays for 1 referral level. Web-based mail, so you need to log into your account at their site to retrieve email. Also get points for sign-ups.

When signing up put in my name: hilary (using the lower case for the "h") in
the referral box: hilary@birdmail.com   Thanks.
Bonus Mail:
You will need to join My Points which is one of my favorite programs - it's well established and pays on time. I've cashed in my points several times for gift certificates. They have a paid email program - Bonus Mail.  The payment is in the form of My Points. I usually get 2-3 emails per week from them. They have a paid click and signup program. They are also affiliated with a number of website so it is possible to earn points from other websites.

Bonus Mail: Get 5-15 MyPoints for each email. Cash in points for gift certificates or other items. I usually cash in for the pre-paid gas cards.

Please put in HilaryT under referral. Thanks.
Get $0.02 for each email you read and $0.01 for level 1 and 2. Available Internationally.  Pays by bank check or PayPal when account it $30.00.
Now has a paid email program.
You get $0.05 for each email you read;
$0.03 for level 1;
$0.02 for level 2

You can receive this cash monthly. Or, "let it ride"...and when your account reaches $25, we'll automatically DOUBLE your account balance and send you a $50 gift certificate from your choice of cashcorreo sponsors! Available Internationally
Surf and Paid Email.  Pays $0.03 for each email you read and $0.01 for each email read by level 1 and level 2 referrals. Available Internationally.
They have started to send paid email. ALSO for For February, new referral percentages are 15%, 12%, 9%, 6%, 3%.  Pays you to surf the web, to set us as your homepage, and to receive email from them.  They also pay you for referral usage up to 5 levels.  Available Internationally.
Commission Marketing:
Great pay. $0.04 per email plus $0.01 for each email read by a referral. Pays for 1 level of referrals. Available internationally. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $15.00.
Consumer Direct:
$0.04 per email plus $0.01 for each email read by a referral. Pays for 1 level of referrals. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $20.00.
Get $0.05 for every Paid Email you read and $0.03 for every Paid Email your referrals read. Make $0.25 by giving away the Free cybertopper email and $0.10 when your referrals produce a sign up. And When your visitor signs up to their affiliate Program you also Get $0.25.  When Someone Clicks on Your cybertopper Link you get $0.01.  Available Internationally.

NOTE:  Sign up for the Affiliate program to get link and referral pay. To sign up, click a link "Pay Per Email,Pay Per Lead(2),Pay Per Click All In One Program!" when the page will be loaded, and sign up as Affiliate.
Dealerz.org is similar to web-earners because they pay every month to your paypal account no matter what your balance is.  They pay you to sign up for free offers, for reading e-mails ($.05-$12 per e-mail) and soon they will have a paid to search that they pay you between $.02 and $.15 per search PLUS you receive $1 for each referral you get!!

The live stats section isn't completely setup yet. They have been sending the paid for emails out,  and will send your balance and referral bonus information to your email every Friday around 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

This program is so new that they haven't completed the page yet so, the potential to get referrals is really good.  They will send you referral information on the Friday following your signup.  If you don't want to wait that long use the contact information in your Welcome letter to request your referral link.
Get paid to send and receive mail.

NOTE:  Use my ID# FTJ-657 or email address when signing up:
standingrock@pagosa.net   Thanks
Earning Force:
Pays you cash for reading email, shopping online, signing up for free stuff, and much more! Every time you read an email, you'll earn $0.05. You need to click on the URL in the email to verify that you read the email and to get credit. You'll also earn $0.01 for each email that your referrals read up to the 2nd level of referrals.  Available Internationally.

EarningForce brings you some of the best free stuff on the net and pays you to sign up. Currently there are 100 free offers waiting for you. You can earn $160 in an hour just by signing up for these free offers.

I recommend upgrading to Gold Member.  It's $49, but you also get $12 for every direct referral who upgrades and $4 for your level 2 and level 3 referrals who upgrade.  I got over $100 for referral upgrades and my downline grew to over 2000 in 8 weeks.
Give yourself the chance of winning a cash prize (only payable via PayPal). All you need to do is subscribe to the following YahooGroup. You will then receive a link in your email.   Simply visit the link, and IF your email address appears on the page - you're a winner! Just email the EasyPrize moderator (from the email address you are subscribed with) to claim your CASH prize. The prize money comes from advertising on the link you visit. The frequency and size of the cash prizes, depends on how many EasyPrize subscribers actually visit the emailed link. Other stuff you should know... You have 1 month claim your prize. The winning email addresses that appear on the website are choosen at random by the EasyPrize moderator. Prizes are only payable via paypal.
I've been with them for some time now.  They do NOT have a referral program.  There is only 1 email a week usually and they are quite generous.  I generally get between $0.75 to $1.00 per email.  This money can only be used to cash in for the few offerings that they have such as credit applied toward renting a car.
We're giving away CASH and LOTS of it!

We are giving away over $2500 a month in cash give aways!  Winners Paid Every Friday!! Winners Paid by check, paypal or egold.

We're giving away $2500 every month, for FREE, and you can enter simply by joining Email Cash Giveaways. Its never been faster and easier to enter and win!

Receive and read up to 3 emails a week and you are registered to win daily! Refer a friend and when they win you win a 10% matching bonus. Matching paid down through 2 referral levels. Someone on your 2nd level referral group wins their sponsor wins a 10% matching bonus and YOU WIN a 10% matching . Two full levels of matching bonuses paid on one winner!
They have redone theie website.  You can now check your email stats.  They pay $0.05 for email that you read and $0.02 for email read by your referrals.  Looks like they are gearing up for buisness.  Web-based mail.
EARN 10 ETC Points per read e-mail. Use ETC Points at their Auction.   Bid to get thousands of hits for your website!  Get 100 ETC Points for signing up.  Available Internationally.
Join Today and Receive a FREE $10 Sign-Up Bonus!  You tell us what your interests are and we will pay you to read e-mails related to your selected interests. E-Mail Pays U will pay you $.02 per email that you receive and read from us. Combine this with our powerful multi-level referral program and the pennies start to add up. When you join our program you will receive your own unique referral website link. Share your referral link with others and you'll earn $.01 for ever email they read and an additional $.01 for all the e-mails their referrals read.  Available Internationally.
You - 1 email = 1 entry for $1000 draw*
referral structure: $200.00* / $200.00* / $200.00* / $200.00* / $200.00*

If one of your referrals wins, you get $200.00 down to the 5th level. Every e-mail is an automatic entry to win cash. Email2Win gives away $1000.00 dollars every month. There are no contests to enter over and over, day after day. Just go about your usual e-mail routine. When you use Email2win, not only are you using a well equipped e-mail program with all the latest features, you are AUTOMATICALLY entering to win valuable cash and prizes. Every month there is a random drawing, if your name is drawn you win as well as the person who invited you & the person that invited them & the person that invited them & the person that invited them. Each individual winner will be notified via e-mail. You have 72 hours to reply to that email or you give up all money and prizes won at Email2Win. So please check you email often. The money you would have won goes to charities such as the St. Judes Childrens Hospital. All prizes are paid in US curr ency. Available world wide.
NOTE: Web-based mail.
International users are welcome!
Send and receive e-mails, visit websites, fill in surveys, try new products, buy on-line, or simply surf in Internet and with us you will earn Credits redeemable for the widest selection of prizes, including cash, products and services, miles, and donations to Non Profit Organizations

Start earning Credits right away! 5 credits per email.  100 credits = $1.00 Get 100 credits ($1.00) to sign up. Available internationally.

NOTE:  Please put my user name in the referral box:  Hilary   Thanks.
$0.03 for each email plus $0.01 for each email your referral reads.  Available Internationally.
This is primarily a surfbar, but they do have a paid email program as well. Referral levels and rates for paid email unknown.

For the surfbar (which only takes a couple of minutes to download) the current percentage of advertising revenues members receive is 70%. Bonus percentages are based solely on earnings made from referrals.  Available Internationally.

The current referral structure is as follows:
Level one (direct referrals) = 10%
Level two (indirect referrals) = 7%
Level three (indirect referrals) = 5%
Level four (indirect referrals) = 2%
Level five (indirect referrals) = 2%
Level six (indirect referrals) = 1%
Level seven (indirect referrals) = 1%
Pays 12 levels for: Reading, Receiving and Sending Email. Visiting and Reviewing Web Sites. Completing Surveys. Recruiting New Members to 12 Levels!
They have a variety of ways to earn money. Currently you can participate in the paid email program -
make up to 50 cents per day from direct mail. They also have a paid signup program. Surfbar and click program coming soon.

Please put my email address in the referral box: standingrock@pagosa.net Thanks.
Paid email.  Also eEarn rewards by receiving messages to your pager or cell phone.  I got 6 paid surveys in 2 weeks.
Get $10 to sign up.  Get $0.02 for the email that you read and $0.01 for the email that your referrals read.

US members paid by e-gold or check.  International members paid by e-gold.
NOTE:  You may have to click twice to load the URL.
Earn Points for Shopping Online, Surveys, Responding to Offers, Searching the net, Visiting web sites, Referring Friends, Reading E-Mail and more. Redeem your points for Gift Certificates from named brand stores, Cd's, Movies or a Webcertificate. Available Internationally.

Please put my user name in the referral box: Hilary  Thanks.
The best paying program!!! HTMail will pay you 8 for each email you receive, plus 16 for each website that you visit (listed in their emails). You need to fill out a short survey which takes 1-2 minutes to get the $0.16. Pays for 1 level of referrals when they complete the survey. You only get $0.016 for each survey your referrals complete. Most of the money is paid up front to you. Good program for people who don't have a large downline. Available internationally. Pays quarterly by check in either US Dollars or Pounds. Minimum pay-out US $10.00, or 5.00 pounds UK.
Get $10.00 for each referral! Pays $ .01 to $10.00 per email. Available internationally. The programs
working currency is US Dollars, all offers will be US Dollars and your account balance will be in US Dollars. They will convert and pay in either $, or Euro`s when you request a check based on the then current exchange rate.

Please put in my referral ID# 176113 if asked. Thanks.
Get $0.05 per email plus $0.03 for first level. Only pays to one level. Available internationally, but only pays in US Dollars. Pays by either check or PayPal. Minimum pay-out for a check is $30.00. Minimum pay-out for PayPal is $10.00.
Each Email You Read $0.05
Level 1 Referral $0.02
Level 2 Referral $0.01
Level 3 Referral $0.005
Available Internationally.  They were down for awhile, but are back now.
A very new program which is very similar to YoYo Mail, visit their site to view TV adverts. Quite unique and there are many other ways to earn such as surfing their portal. Already have over 1 million members and growing fast. Available internationally. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $10.00 (US) and $20.00 Canada. Pays for 2 levels of referrals.
Get Get paid $.25 cents for each iNeedThat.tv Scorewords confirmed Refer your friends (Unlimited Residual Income)
Get paid $.05 cents for each Scoreword confirmed by your Direct Referrals
Get paid $.10 cents for each Scoreword confirmed by your Indirect Referrals
Get paid $.50 cents for being a critic. Your opinion counts
Get paid $.05 cents for each online poll completed by your Direct Referrals
Get paid $.10 cents for each online poll completed by your Indirect Referrals
Get $0.03 for each email that you read (click on URL in mail) and $0.02 for each email that your referrals read. Pays for 1 level of referrals. Available internationlly, but only pays in US Dollars. Pays monthly pay check when your account balance reaches $20.00.
They track their paid email program off-line. They have a good pay to click program. They paid $0.14 to 0.25 per click. Available Internationally.
They pay you from 0.02 USD to 0.50 $ per email you receive from Mailclicker. They operate with different paylevels. If you receive a plain text mail with a banner from our advertiser, you will get 0.02 USD. But there are several other alternatives. If they add sound, animations, html codes and graphics, you can make up to 0.50 USD per email. They pay you 50 % revenue for each mail your referrals reads ( Click trough ) in two levels ( Both direct and indirect referrals ). If you refer ten persons and they again get twenty new members, you will make 50 % from all their clicks. If all of them receive only one top value mail, you will get $7.50.
(Pays US Dollars). Pay for mail and referrals unknown. Available internationally. At present commissions are sent internationally by bank check. You may choose to receive your payment in Euros or in USDollars. You may request payment anytime your credit is 25 Euros or more. The total balance at the time of payment request will then be paid out within 1-2 weeks.
There is no upper limit, the lowest amount is 1 cent, however you may define a minimum amount and only messages that meet or exceed that amount will be sent to you. The advertiser determines the payout per message. Some messages pay extra for taking action such as filling out a survey. The amount paid for reading a message is indicated on the subject line. For example [MM .05/A 1.00] would indicate 5 cents paid for reading the message $1.00 paid for taking the action indicated. Pay for referrals unknown. Checks will be mailed quarterly for account balances of $20.00 or more. A .50 charge for postage and handling will be automatically deducted.
Note: Current PayPal Members with be paid monthly regardless of the your account balance.
New company like Epidemic that rewards you for sending and receiving email. Plus get $2 per referral.
Please use standingrock@pagosa.net as refferal. Thanks.
Get $0.50 for each person you refer who signs up. Three cash winners every week:  $250, $150 and $100.
One $500 winner every month

How do you earn more chances? You can earn more chances by:
1. Answering survey questions.
2. Clicking on the advertisements you receive in your email from us.
3. Answering the trivia questions correctly.
Media Bucks:
Another newbie where you are notified that an advertiser wants to reach you. You are paid in "Media Bucks" which can be redeemed for goods from their sponsors or cash. You are paid depending on the ad and there are 4 referral levels. Available internationally. Minimum pay-out is $20.00.
Get 5 points for each email and many more points for signups ect.  I've been very pleased with MemoLink and have cashed in for gift certificates.  I usually cash in for a gift certificate at Wal-Mart, but they have a number of off-line and on-line stores where you can use your gift certificates such as CDNOW, Olive Garden, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and Pizza Hut Earn points by surfing the Web, playing trivia, sampling products, and filling out surveys.
$0.05 for each email you read, $0.03 for email read by direct referrals and $0.02 for email read by indirect referrals. Bonus: Get $1.00 for each referral. They pay monthly when account balance reaches $25.00. You have the option of converting your $25.00 to online purchasing which will double your money ie. you will have $50.00 to spend.  Available Internationally.
mMoolaMail (m2marketing.net)
This appears to be part of SFI.  Figures on site indicate members will be paid 5 cents per email, 3 cents
for direct referrals read email, and 1 cent for indirect referrals email.
Get paid to recieve message through current instant message services: AOL IM, ICQ, or Yahoo! Messenger, an A, I, or Y.
They will pay you 0.03-0.60 $ per Email depends on the advertiser plus $1.00 for each referral you have. Web-based mail so you will have to go to their website to read your email. Pays by money order when your account balance reaches $10.00.
Get $10 to sign up. Pays for 2 levels of referrals.  Get $0.02 for reading email and $0.01 for each email that your 2 levels of referrals read. Looks like it is available internationally.

Member commissions shall be paid by E-gold, PayPal or company check. Commissions are distributed monthly. Member commissions must exceed $29.99 in order to be distributed.
Pays you $0.05 for each email you read, plus $0.03 of reach of your referrals' email. Only pays to one level. You get paid monthly when your account reaches $20. They send you email twice a week to visit different sites on the net (to earn money).  Available Internationally.
NightMail gives you 10 points for each email you send, and 200 points for each friend you refer. These points are then converted into dollars and paid to you when your account reaches $20. This program is available internationally.
NoLimit Internet:

Not only offers free Internet services, but also three services that pay you!

Our first paid program is our e-mail program. All you have to do is read one e-mail that we send you about every day on average, and follow the instructions. You will get paid about an average of $1.00 per day with our extremely unique way of advertising websites, and you will never have to spend any money! Meaning that you can easily get $30 a month without referrals.

Our second paid program pays you to join various programs from different companies. This may include magazine trials, newsletter subscriptions, or various products. Some are free, while others require money. But there is no obligation to buy whatsoever! Earnings in this program can vary anywhere up to $50 or maybe even more!

Our third program is a unique one level referral system. For every referral you get, your user ID will be entered into a monthly drawing. For example, if you get 100 referrals, then your user id will be entered 100 times. Every month, we will randomly select a user ID. The winner will get 10% of all our monthly profits. If we get $10,000 in profits for the month, the winner will get $1,000! It's that easy! As a bonus for the first 1,000 people who sign up, we will automatically enter your user ID 20 times into the drawing, giving you a much better shot at winning. After 1,000 people have signed up, then you only get 5 user ID entries for signing up.

The great thing about our paid programs, is that they go hand in hand. This means that you only have to fill out one application to join all the programs. And if we ever add another program, you are automatically signed up at no charge!
$0.05 for each email you read, referral pay unknown. Available internationally. Pays when account balance reaches $40.00. There is a $3.00 service fee for cutting your check.
Get $0.05 for each email that you read. Looks like they only pay for 1 referral level. Referral pay unknown.  Available Internationally.
Get $0.05 for each email that you read and $0.03 for each email that your referrals read.  Each time the visitors from your site will purchase our products/services you will be rewarded with the 20% of the total order amount and 5% for level 2. Available internationally.
Pays up to 12 Euro an email your read.  Pays for 2 levels of referrals.  Has no English.
Paid Ways:

Do you want to make money by doing online activities like reading a e-mail, clicking on a website, shopping online, signing up for offers, and more? If your answer is yes then PaidWays is right for you. They share 50% of the monthly revenues with the members and they have four levels of referrals. They pay monthly by either PayPal.com or Amazon gift certificates.

Points Per E-mail

You: 10 points per e-mail
Level 1: 6 points per e-mail
Level 2: 4 points per e-mail
Level 3: 2 points per e-mail
Level 4: 1 point per e-mail


You: 10 points per click
Level 1: 6 points per click
Level 2: 4 points per click
Level 3: 2 points per click
Level 4: 1 point per click


You: 225 points per signup
Level 1: 135 points per signup
Level 2: 90 points per signup
Level 3: 75 points per signup
Level 4: 60 point per signup


You: 500 points per sale
Level 1: 325 points per sale
Level 2: 250 points per sale
Level 3: 200 points per sale
Level 4: 150 point per sale

Start Page:

You: 5 points per view
Level 1: 3 points per view
Level 2: 2 points per view
Level 3: 1 point per view
Level 4: 1 point per view


You: 150 points per survey
Level 1: 100 points per survey
Level 2: 70 points per survey
Level 3: 50 point per survey
Level 4: 35 point per survey

You get 50% of the profits generated and which will be increased over a period of months. You can cashout at 15 dollars monthly using the cashout link when you login and you get paid monthly as long as you have 15 dollars or you can save up and get a larger payment.

Note: Click on Guests and then Join Us
This is a paid email AND do action program. You'll get $5.00 for signing up. You will recieve $1.00 for every person you refer plus a percentage of there earnings 4 levels deep. Right now they are upgrading to offer a surf window that pays hourly for your internet usage. You however can still earn cash by signing up for offers on PaymeNet's instant cash pages recieving E-mails, and by visiting sponsor's it will raise the value of your points. Your gauranteed point value is 5pts = $0.01, but buy visiting sponsor's on PaymeNet your point value could be 5pts $0.02,$0.03,etc.
NOTE:  Your referrals must earn 1000 points before you are paid the $1.00 referral fee.
Peaceful Void:
TPV Benefits pays you for reading e-mail, taking surveys, and signing up for programs. You receive 25% of your directs' earnings and 5% of indirects' for a total of 4 levels. They go by a points system where 1000 points equals $1, paid emails are sent out at a standard rate of 50 points, or $0.05. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $10.00.
Available Internationally. Pays monthly by check upon request when account balance reaches $15.00.
Please put in my email address: standingrock@pagosa.net Thanks.
This is used to to quickly access and read your Pop3 mail boxes. Money for reading e-mail. If you don't wish just to read e-mail, but desire to get money and prizes for doing this, you have several opportunities for this. You could also win scratch lotto tickets for different activities.
Earn points for reading email plus earn matching points for each friend and relative you refer to Prima Rewards! Available internationally.
Level 1 Referrals: 10%
Level 2 Referrals: 5%
Level 3 Referrals: 2.5%
Level 4 Referrals: 2.5%
Level 5 Referrals: 2.5%
Purchase Alert:
Get $0.05 per email. Pays through 4 levels of referrals. You can get paid for email, direct mail, fax, pager, and telephone. You decide which programs you want to enter and the max per day. Also has sign-up program. Pays monthly when account balance reaches $35.00.
Please enter my email address when signing up: standingrock@pagosa.net
Pays for 2 levels of referrals. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $50.00.  Available Internationally.
Pays 3 levels deep. They pay $0.01 for each email read by referrals. They also now have a points email program.  Points are converted to cash.  You will need to sign up for the email points program. I also suggest paying a one-fee of $15 to upgrade to Gold Membership as they give referrals to their Gold Members.  I did and my downline grew to over 2300 in 8 weeks.  Available Internationally.
Pays $0.05 for each email you receive, plus $0.02 for each referral up to two levels. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $10.00.  Available Internationally.
This is both a way to earn money and a unique way to get free advertising for your website or referral program of choice. Members run their software ad window and earn one banner display every 20 seconds.

Members also earn points while using the software which can be converted into cash (1000 points= $.50) or used to buy products (1000 points= $1). Skeno also offers a paid email program.

Members earn whatever points their referrals earn (100%) in the paid email program and get permanent extra chances to win points in drawings (which happen hourly) for each referral. The program is international but all payments will be made in US Dollars.
Paid email and search. Pays for 3 levels of referrals:
Level 1: 9%
Level 2: 7%
Level 3: 4%
Pays by check when account balance reaches $50.00. Pays between $0.50 and $0.15 per click. $5.00 fee for sending you a check.  Available Internationally.
Swappers and Collectors:
This seems an excellent new paid email program with many advertisers already in place. I have been receiving at least two emails a day since joining up with them. Good rates and referral system. Also pays in Euros. Available internationally.

You can make money in 5 different ways with the affiliate program:
a) Logging in at the Administration area - You can make 1 extra point each day just logging in the affiliate administration area. This is our little daily thank you to use our service to make money.
b) Receive Emails - You can make 10 points for each email you receive from our advertisers. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your privacy is fully protected.
c) Referral Program - There are 3 levels of referrals compensation structure for making your friends, relatives and collegues join our affiliate program. The payment structure is 15%, 10%, 5% for a total of 3 levels!
d) Instant Cash - You can make money doing some actions, for example for signing up to programs of our advertisers, or just to visit their sites.
e) Linking to us - If you have a site, you can also make money for each visitor that you'll direct from your site to SwappersAndCollectors.Com.

IMPORTANT: Once you have joined you must go to the website to join the Paid Email program.
Paid e-Mail program. Register as a free member and get paid 10% of the revenue generated by advertising sent to you, and 5% of that sent to your referral group, 4 levels below you, or register as a premium member and get paid 20% of the revenue generated by advertising sent to you, and 10% of that sent to your referral group, 4 levels below you, and 1% of the 5th level. Check their website for online surveys. Available internationally. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $25.00 (US) and $50.00 for non-US members.
Traffic Infusion:
10 levels of referrals - $0.05 per email that you read For a limited time, all new Members receive a $10 instant credit! Pays out at $25.00 - International program.
A NEW way to get paid to read emails 15 levels deep!
Has an earn points program for reading email. Earn "Trocas" for buying things through merchant partners, browsing web pages, banking from your PC, responding to surveys, having an Internet connection and reading e-mails, plus referrals, then exchange your "Trocas" prizes. In English, Spanish, and Portugese. Available Internationally.
Free email account. You can earn up to 250 points per day in addition to the points you earn for receiving offers and recruiting. You can trade in your Yespoints at any time for bonus products offered by Yesbox's partners. Available Internationally.
Please put my user name in the referral box: Hilary@yesbox.net  Thanks.
Yesmail (AllCommunity):
Email program that pays $0.03 an email plus $0.01 for each email your referral reads up to 3 levels. Available internationally. Pays monthly when account balance is $100.00 (Ugh).
Also has a surfbar, but you don't need to download it to get to participate in the email program.
With each email there is a chace for an instant win of $1,125.  Join Winvite.com to win $4,500, and when you join and win money, I win the same amount.  All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions and you can win up to $4,500 and you can play games to win up to $13,100 every month!
Web-based mail so you must go to their website to read your mail. Advertised to pay you $0.05 for each e-mail you read, $0.03 for each e-mail a direct referral reads, and $0.01 for e-mails read by indirect referrals. Pays monthly by check when account balance reaches $20.00. Available internationally.
Earn zuperpoints for reading email. You can redeem dollar for dollar in the form of a gift certificate or travelers check to make a purchase of your choice. Get 500 points for each referral.
This is a web-based paid email program. Join the EmailPlus program for paid email - Free to join.  The email will arrive into your zWallet account and be labeled Email Rewards Plus.  Available Internationally.
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