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Get paid through instant messages.
Small icon on lower right screen which will flash when there is an ad.  Click on it for a full page ad.
First full page ad service. Earn one to ten cents per ad, plus referrals. Pays $1 per referral, up to $50! Get paid to Surfing the web, Checking e-mails, Reading news, Shopping online, Searching the web, Chatting online and Playing games.  Available Internationally.
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PayForSignUps + Get Referrals
PayForSignUps + Get Referrals
Small icon on lower right screen.  Make money by viewing commercials ($0.25 to $10 each), reading instant ad messages (5 to 10 cents), with referrals, and advertiser referrals. Available Internationally.
Earn AwardMiles for shopping, clicking and visiting websites I get AwardMiles, which are good for free airline tickets, gift certificates, vacation packages, and merchandise. Pays to 4 levels of referrals. Membership is free and they give you 1,000 AwardMiles just to sign up.  It's privacy protected.
Internet money transferring service gives you $5 to sign up, plus $5 for each referral. USA only. Pays now.  You will need Paypal for some of the paying programs.  Many of these paid programs use Paypal so, you'll need to sign up anyway.  Might as well get your downline to sign up and make $5 for each one.
ShareCashFree Stock.  NOTE:  This URL is good, but you may get an error message.  There is a problem on their end.  Just click on the link a couple of times until you get the page.
When you signup for a FREE membership, you receive twenty Sharecash shares, giving you the instant opportunity to share in the profits.
For each person you refer as a member of Sharecash you receive an additional ten Sharecash shares. AND for each person that they sign up you receive yet another five shares!

Every month (after the initial 90 day startup period, due to end approximately March 15, 2001), they will announce share value for the prior month. You will then be entitled to a share of the profits, based on your number of shares. For instance: Each share has a value of $0.80 each and you have 100 shares. This means your cut of the profits (your dividend) would be $80.00 for that monthalone!
NOTE:  Must visit account every 30 days to keep it active.
NetPoole:  Free Stock:
Get 1,000 shares of free stock for signing up for free.

Every member has the possibility of increasing the number of units by referring others. Spread the news to your friends, collegues and family and inform them about netpoolone. The more members we can gain, the more everybody will profit.

You will receive 500 additional units for each member you refer. You will also receive another 100 units for each member, which you refer indirectly (up to 5 levels).
Web-earners.com aims to be the best pay-to-surf program available. when a member logs in each day, they are presented with a custom list of quality websites, tailored to their current interest. when they click on a site, they are rewarded with a 40% share of our advertising revenue. 30 days after the end of each month, every member with money in their account is paid through paypal.com. there is no minimum payment. it's easy and worthwhile. Refer a friend and web-earners.com will pay you 10% of what they make. if they refer a friend you get 5% of what their friend makes. if that friend refers someone, you get 3% of the third level earnings. and if the third level refers someone, you get 2% of the fourth level's earnings.
NOTE:  The claim they will close to new members when they reach 10,000. Available where PayPal is.
Newly Added:

I have gotten over $500 from them and continue to receive a check every month!!!
This one is REALLY good!!! I ususally win something everyday. Prizes range for 5 credits to $10,000.  You know instantly if you win - no waiting and trying to remember numbers!!!

You get a bounty equal to 20% whatever your Bonus Buddies win. You get a bounty of 5% of whatever your Bonus Buddies' Bonus Buddies win. These are additional payments, and don't come out of your Buddies' prizes. All Bonus Buddy awards are paid in credits. US citizen 18 years or older, except residents of Florida and New York.
Freebie page:
Get some freebies here!!!
Referralware is an automated lead generating and follow-up system that allows you to effectively gather leads, filter out your qualified prospects and sell them on your specific business opportunity. They've also provided an automated way for you to simply enter in your information and our tools will take care of the rest for you.
Get $1.00 for each unique address.  Sign up for some newsletters, join RefMaker and earn some money.
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Get $1 per referral!
The invisible application that pays you to DO NOTHING using your computer while you sleep, is already paying and timely!  The software does not read your personal files and it doesn't slow your computer down.  You can also get paid for running the program on several computers.  Available internationally and pays through PayPal when account balance reaches $5.00.

The Porivo PEER is a secure application that runs in the background of your system, and uses your PC's spare capacity to measure the performance of Web sites. Your PC will join other computers across the
Internet to help Porivo provide the most realistic picture of Web performance. And at the same time, you can earn cash for every minute that your PC is on and connected to the Internet!  The more you run the Porivo PEER, the more cash you can receive every month.  Register for the Porivo PEER today, and put your PC to work.  When you sign up, be sure to enter "Hilary" in the "Referred by" field...then be sure to tell your friends about it!  Please visit Porivo's program details page for more information and instructions on how to participate in our new incentive program.

NOTE:  Peer does not read your personal files nor does is slow down your computer system.