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Get Paid EVERY Time Someone Visits Your WebSite Or Blog. Use with or without Google Adsense. Visitors stay at your site. NO cost. Click here for the free facts.

Companies spend billions on survey research with the aim of figuring out what consumers are thinking.

  Here's how it works for you.

Join our paid survey and mystery shopping ezine (see subscription box above). Then we'll email. Open that email up and click the "confirmation link" inside to confirm you want the ezine. We don't spam.

Then you'll instantly receive the first issue of the ezine. Click the paid survey company links in our FREE ezine.  All the paid survey companies on our list are free to join.

Then just enter in your name, etc. into the sign up form (usually 1 page and takes 2 minutes).  If you use the form filling software we provide for free, you can have most/all the forms filled in for you almost instantly.

You'll then need to check your email for a "confirmation" message from the survey company. Then, click the link.

Then whenever they have a survey that you fit, they will email you a survey (actually a link to one).

These are very simple surveys.  You just click the choices that best represents your opinion.

But, you know, a picture is worth of thousand words usually.  So, to see what you'll do, just click the link and go to the survey form (here's a sample survey -- it will open in a separate window so that this page stays open).


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Paid Survey Rewards

Get Paid To Do Surveys - Paid Survey Opportunities Abound.

Fill in simple online surveys and receive CASH, sweepstake entries, gift certificates, and more...

These paid surveys take only a few minutes to complete.

The ezine approach
to paid surveys.

Research shows that this is the optimal path to paid survey success.

This will dramatically increase your potential.  Of course, we can't say how much you'll make, but the more online survey companies you join, the better your potential. 

With the Paid Survey Ezine you'll receive paid survey company links a few a time. This way you'll stick with it and end up joining far more survey companies than you'd otherwise do.

You'll be gently nudged...reminded to join paid survey companies (once every 4 days -- or once a week if you wish. 

It will go even faster and smoother when you make use of the form filling software we provide for free.  This form filler will help you join survey companies quicker.  And, it will save you from typing in the same stuff over and over.  It will make the free registrations a piece of cake. 

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Now you can get a few links at time -- at a comfortable pace you're sure to stick to. And that right there is a big key to paid surveys -- sticking to joining survey companies.  Being persistent.  And, not becoming overwhelmed and bored out of your mind.

Remember:  It's not enough to have a big list.  You want someone to remind you... to nudge you.  And, you want to do it GRADUALLY, a little at a time. 

Take the ezine way and before you know it, you'll have joined far more survey companies than ever before.

The complete paid survey solution. Get everything you need to maximize your paid survey income potential.

Find out for yourself... for free!  You can judge for yourself -- without spending one penny.

Here's your chance to get a piece of the paid survey pie (without spending one penny!)Others are charging as much as $47.95 for this.  You can now get it for free.

No catch.  We're ad supported.  Furthermore, we have other sites that we'd like to show you (in a low-key fashion... 2-3 sentences).  And, we want to get your feedback to help increase our circulation so we can increase our advertising rates.  We have received much positive feedback and are pretty sure you'll be happy, too. 

YOU are the best judge.  And... you can judge it for yourself... for free!

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