Can-Da’s International Processors, Ltd.
Civil Judgment Enforcement Specialists
We Know How To Get It Done
If you have been unable to collect on a Civil Judgment awarded to you by the Courts. We are a Company dedicated to the Quick recovery of Court Awarded Civil Monetary Judgments and we are very interested in Enforcing that Judgment for you
We are not a Collection Agency.
We are Civil Judgment Enforcement Specialist; this gives us a wider and more creative range of options for recovering Judgment Debt and we do have more than Twenty Years Experience at this endeavor.
We specialize in the development and implementation of the most immediate, effective and efficient process to resolve Unsatisfied Civil Judgments.
We will bear all expenses involved in both the Investigation and Enforcement. There are no Advance nor out of pocket expense or cost to you.
We do realize, to turn Civil Judgments into Cash Money is most times not an easy task but we've found, it is something that we know we do well. With our system we  resolve most Unsatisfied Civil Judgments with-in 3 to 4 Months, after we receive the Assignment (The Agreement from You) to allow us to do so.  We do require A percentage of all monies we recover but we think with the on going interest on the yet unpaid balance, our fees will have little or no real effect on the actual principle balance originally due.
At this point your Unsatisfied Judgments are nothing more than IOUs holding your money hostage, money we know you could use. By allowing us to Enforce them, you have nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.
If you are interested in having one or more judgments enforced, with no cost to you in advance.  Please contact us at (323) 428-7718 for a telephone consultation or E-mail us at: www.GETTNGMONY@JudgmentPros.net or and Post your Judgment information direct to our Web Site at: www.EnforceMyJudgment.com/gettngmony.
We even offer a lower fee for repeat clients and clients with multiple judgments. IF…you realize the fact that your unsatisfied business-to-business Civil Judgments represent valuable relief of the strain on your Cash Flow and tried of spending more money on that Judgment to no avail. Just let us know. We are ready to go.