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*Getup Confessionals*  

Hey, my name is Qiana, although I go by my German name Kaizar! I have no siblings and I have two cat’s named Baby and Muffin.  My best friends are Sam and Karl. Sam is really named Samantha but I call her Sam for short; it just sounds better. Sam and I met two years ago when she moved to Delaware from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and enrolled at my school. We have many things in common like the fact that we are both obsessed with the show “The Simpson’s.” We like most of the same music, shows, movies, and we even like each other’s friends. She practically lives at my house and the same goes for me at hers. I wouldn’t say that we are friends but more like sisters. Karl is just a really good friend of mine. We share a lot of secrets, stories, and really long phone bills! In most ways I am closer to him than anybody else that I know. Unlike Sam I wouldn’t call him family. Our relationship is better than that. I have lived in 2 apartments and 2 houses. Though I have spent most of my life living in a house my child hood was spent in an apartment. I have just recently moved to a big house where I have received the master bedroom and the master bath. The way my house was built is a little awkward. I have the whole third floor to myself. I have attended three different schools in my life. For first grade I went to a school called Forest Oak. It was a school with horrible academic classes. So I transferred to a school called Baltz. The teachers were nice and I enjoyed the atmosphere. So I later on graduated from there. I was accepted into an art school named Cab Calloway for middle school. There I became a vocal major and a visual minor. The school was the perfect setting and had the best teachers. The classes weren’t boring and I met a lot of awesome kids like me. Being accepted to Cab totally changed my life. I think that it was one of the best changes that has ever happened to me so far in my life. If I went to another school I wouldn’t have met the people that I have become great friends with today. I fit in because there was a wide variety of people and teachers. About a year ago my grandpa passed away. It was a really hard thing to deal with in my life because I’ve realized that I was closer with him than I thought. It took some time but I think that I am doing a lot better. I would keep my emotions on the situation bottled up inside, but that just damaged my life even more. I would write about how I felt but I never truly shared my feelings. My counselor brought it to my attention that what I was doing wasn’t good for me and she really helped me out. I still have things on my mind but thanks to her that is not one of them. I can concern myself with people who love me and things that I enjoy. One of the best things about me is that I don’t care about what other people think. Most people concern themselves with other people’s feeling and thoughts, but I on the other hand just try to be me and have fun doing it. I used to care, but that is no way to live your life. That’s not living at all. I associate myself with music. I have changed my major from music to comm. arts but music still surrounds me. Music controls my life. It can change people in so many ways. What’s great about it is that it works on so many levels and it can increase your mood or decrease it. I listen to music because it makes me feel better. If I don’t have music I would go ballistic. Music is the only thing that keeps my life balanced. In my spare time I watch cartoons and hangout with friends. My friends are like my family and we all get along with each other even if we have never met before. I play video games, read, and I’m trying to write my own songs. As of now I am saving up for an electric guitar. I would really like to start my own band and name it “Affinity.” My life’s goal is to open up for the greatest band still together, WEEZER!!