Indulge Yourself With This Shitty Mindless Page

Ever hear Mindless Self Indulgence's music? Don't worry if you haven't, this band sux hard core. They are New York City's Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk. Led by a guy named Urine, who's kissed more boys then I have, this band is gonna alienate you bastards one at a time. This shitty page is here to help.

To describe these people, one can only think of 2 words...Clinically Insane. But to describe their sound you have to agree that it is truly unique, which can't be said for most bands. Ever since I first heard them, MSI has been my favorite band. The music is fast, fun, loud, abnoxious, crazy, and addicting. A perfect combination for my tastes. So roam around the page...dig it now, and fuck it later.

This page was made in a high resolution, so if it looks shitty to you...good. I could care less.

P.S. Pretty please with sugar on top sign my guestbook. No one ever does and it makes me sad.

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