In our day to day lives people come and go.  Most pass by so quickly that you never have the opportunity to really know anything about them.  Others enter your life and you get acquainted.  These either seem to fade away or remain a name on the screen that you say hello to or hug in lobbies.  On very rare occasions, however, someone comes along that brings joy into your life.  Someone that makes you a better person just by knowing them.  Beddy is most assuredly one of these people.  A person who will stand with conviction in defense of those she cares about.  A true friend who will get on you when you are wrong.  She's a lady that doesn't pretend to be anything other than herself and is the pinnacle of what is right with online friends.  Never for a second have I doubted her friendship and loyalty, nor, I hope, has she doubted mine.  God made you a very special person Beddy, for that and your friendship, I thank Him everyday.  I love you as do all of your friends.  Get well soon, we need you.

Everyone please sign the guest book and let Beddy know how much we love her and miss her.  Keep her in your hearts and minds in this time when she needs your thoughts and prayers.


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