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Keita is the best (?)

Yeah, this shouldn't be under News.
It's actually a revision of my 3 past polls for the past one and a half year! Thanks to all people who have actively voted. And Keita came out first in all 3 polls!!!

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Lead LIVE Upturn 200 (Japan Version)

Lead Live DVD 12/7

Lead's new Live DVD "Lead Live Tour UPTURN 2005" will be on sale from 7 Dec 2005 onwards. You can pre-order it now at CD shops in Japan.

Price: 4500 Yen (without tax), 4725 Yen (tax)

Go to News section for more detailed information!!


Hiroki's drama

Hiroki's new drama
Pinkの遺伝子』will start showing from October onwards. (Tokyo TV)

Hiroki will be acting out as the male lead, Kobayashi Taichi, in this new drama. And the female lead, Saito Natsu, will be acted by Kondo Narumi. This drama is actually taken from a popular comic, thus it has gathered much attention.

Message from Miyuki

Hi hi! It's me again!

I've uploaded full album lyrics for Lead! Heat! Beat!, as well as the newest single Virgin Blue, along with its coupling song Cosmic Drive". There is only romaji version though. I'm working on the Kanji version currently. So give me a little more time! Thanks! ^_^

So now, my lyrics section is considered fully updated. As for the News section, haha, sorry!

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