WELCOME!!   Here is a collection of whatever random things I feel like putting up on the internet at the time.  Please feel free to check back occasionally as I promise that this time around I'll try to do a better job about updating.
UPDATE 7/16/06 - New wallpaper added.  I've also added a few pictures to my Notebook.  Also Gizmo's page has been removed.  Sadly he passed away this spring.  On a positive note I might be getting a new chinchilla this summer or early fall, so be on the look out.

UPDATE 6/6/05 - New pictures were added to Becky's page!  I also changed around the look of it slightly to fit the theme better.

UPDATE 5/23/05 - I changed around the format of the main page.  I thought it was time to make it look a little smoother than before.  I'm also working on creating a navigation bar to make moving around easier as well as give the page a more unifor appearance.

UPDATE 5/20/05 - Two new picture have been added to My Notebook.  One is an old picture of Aeris and the other a quick little sketch of Asuka.   Hopefully I'll have some new wallpapers and links up soon!

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