Tales from a Ghetto Wedding...
You know them... You've snickered privately at their gold lame' sporting, long-winded preaching, cousin May-May off-key singing, "girl no she didn't" wearing, paper cup recycling, chicken wang serving,  electric slide five-times-in-a-row dancing weddings.  We humbly offer but a mere sampling of the cornucopia of ghetto weddings.  Now don't be mad if any wedding on the following pages resembles something you or yours may have put together. 
It's all love.    

GHETTO (get'oe) noun, slang adjective. Any ostentatious display of conspicuous consumption that blatently defies accepted norms of taste and tact.
A toast with Ghetto Mimosa (Asti Spumati and a gallon jug of orange juice). For more pictures of this truly ghetto fab wedding, click here.
Thanks to my people in Cleveland, Ohio, there are pictures of quite an interesting couple.  I am eclept, talk amongst yourselves as you look at the pictures.  The topice is... aw heck, you will figure it out...
First of all, Elvis is DEAD!  Therefore the gold lame'd father of the bride is an IMPOSTER.  For more pictures of this circa 1950's acid trip wedding... Guess they got shamed, cuz this was the link.
Yall...(pause and deep breath) this wedding was actually held at a car show.  One of the friends beat-boxed the wedding song.  Other friends had to hold back the groom's *ahem* spirited lovers who were determined to break up the show! (Pause and sigh)  For more details on this unbelievably ghetto wedding, they got shamed as well; this was their link!
YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAW!  Her name is Tracy.  His name is Possum.  They fell in luv.  (I guess they got shamed, they took their link down).  Dag Nabbit! This was the link

Disastrous Details (Dresses, Cakes, Flowers, and other mishaps)

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Tales from a Ghetto Wedding... (stories from our readers)

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