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Welcome to the Greyhound Lover's Net Ring FAQ page. On this page you will find the answers to some of the more common questions you may have.

After I sign up and receive the ring fragment, can I put it on more than one webpage?
No. Each page must be registered separately and have separate ring fragments.

Can I use the same fragment for both my English site and its non-English mirror?
No. Each page must be registered separately and have separate ring fragments.

How long can my website remain in the queue before it is deleted?
One month. We allow webmasters one month to incorporate the ring fragment into their webpage. After a month, you will be deleted from the queue and the number of your original ring fragment will be reassigned.

After I applied, my computer broke and it spent several weeks in the shop. I was deleted from the queue, can I apply again?
Absolutely. While we put a time limit on how long any site can sit in the queue, we put no restrictions on how many times a webmaster may apply.

What will happen if I move my Net Ring to another page?
The Net Ring membership sites are frequently checked, if you have a broken link and do not notify us of the change you will be moved back into the queue and deleted within 30 days.

I have been a member of the Greyhound Web Ring for three years. Do I have to delete that fragment?
Yes. Ring fragments from the Greyhound Web Ring and the Greyhound Lover's Web Ring need to be deleted from your webpage before you will be added to the Greyhound Lover's Net Ring.

The original Greyhound Web Ring has not been maintained since 1998. This has left it with many broken links, which cause that ring to dead-end more and more often. It is obsolete and Yahoo will not allow anyone access to it, so it can be resurrected.

Do I have to delete my Sitehound Web Ring?
No. You can be a member of many rings simultaneously. The only ring fragments that need to be deleted are the Greyhound Web Ring and the Greyhound Lover's Web Ring.

Net Ring ... Web Ring ... What's the difference?
Net Ring is owned by Anyone can sign up for ring membership without having to divulge any personal information. We believe this is for the best.
Webring was purchased during the summer by One of the major problems began after Yahoo required ring members to obtain a Yahoo user name and in order to do that, personal information is required.

I signed up for the Greyhound Lover's Net Ring, then redesigned my website. Can I move my ring fragment to another page?
Yes, but you will need to update your site information in the Ring Management section.(form is on our main web page)

Can I use my own graphic?
No, our image is required and cannot be altered in any way other than to be resized.

How do I update my membership information?
On the bottom of the Net Ring webpage, there is a section to enter your site ID and Password. This will take you to all your information and can be changed.

I pasted the code on my page and the image does not appear.
You must upload the image from our main page and paste the url into the code where it says, "image17.jpg".

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