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Do you know Milo? How can I contact him?
No I don't know Milo. I have never met him either. I don't know how to contact him. The only way to contact him that I could think of is through the WB. The WB has emails for each show where you can email the actors from the specific show. Email Gilmore Girls and in the subject box enter "Milo Ventimiglia". I'm not sure if it actually works but it's worth a shot.

Has Milo ever visited your site?
I have no idea! If he has I hope he liked the site, and it would be great if he could email me and tell me he visited it. But I'm sure he is very busy and doesn't go on the Net that much.

Can you send me more info, pics, news about Milo?
This question really puzzles me. That is the whole point of the site! All the info, pics, news etc. that I know about Milo is all on this site.

How do I become affiliates with you?
Email me your site URL and tell me it's to become affiliates. For only Milo related and Gilmore Girls sites please, or the list is too long for nothing; it is a Milo site after all.

Sometimes when I try to access a page on your site it says "error" or "data transfer status" and then sometimes it works. Is your site closing down or something?
No, I am not shutting down my site when you see that. I have a terrible site host and my host allows a minimum amount of downloads from my site. So when you get that it means that too many people are visiting or downloading from my site. All you have to do it check back at least an hour later. I know, it really sucks.

If you see other typos and errors on my site please notify me. Thanks!