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Welcome to! It's a shame, but there really isn't much stuff on the net about this awsome actor. So if you ever come across any Milo Ventimiglia news, photos, facts, articles etc. that I don't already have (please check before) then send it to me at, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Forum / Message Board: Okay trash the last two forums. I found a brand new and amazing host ( because of Star Sanity! thank you soooo much. So everybody visit the new and pretty forum: and post something!

Specific Site Updates: Added some new articles (2) to the Media section. I added a ton of photos to the gallery. (Actually 20 new pictures to be exact!)

New Tag Board:I added a new TAG BOARD!!! So instead of having a guestbook I have a tagboard where you can leave a message, it's the new trendy/coll way. So everybody please sign my tag board!

New Poll: I added a new poll here on the home page. I'll add a different poll as often as I could. So scroll down and vote. It's hard to come up with good poll questions, so if anyone has a poll question (Milo or Jess related) they would like to see posted here then email it to me!

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Milo News + Noteworthy Dates:
Saturday, August 31st: Deadline to enter Katrillion's Win a Fantasy Date With Milo Ventimiglia contest.

September 24th: The 3rd season of Gilmore Girls begins September 24th and Milo is in it! If you want to know what happens read the spoilers at

September / October: Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia are featured in Teen Beat magazine.

October: October's issue of Transworld Stance magazine features Milo Ventimiglia.

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