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Sires and Dams of Merit

In 1992, the American Chinese Crested Club (ACCC) established the Chinese Crested Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame establishes a chronicle of the achievements of Chinese Cresteds in Breeding, Conformation, and Obedience. Qualification for the Registry of Merit (ROM) is one such honor.

A Sire/Dam of Merit is awarded to any Chinese Crested who has produced a certain number of champion offspring indicating that the dog's producing ability is commendable and worthy of recognition.

To qualify for Dam of Merit, a bitch would need to produce five (5) AKC champion offspring.

To qualify for Sire of Merit, a dog would need to produce six (6) AKC champion offspring.

We are proud to announce that we can be credited with the following ROM Chinese Cresteds:

(8 Powderpuffs & 19 Hairless)

Ch Gingery’s Maple Syrup (P,S)
Ch Gingery’s Kangaroo (H,S)
Ch Jann’s Kriquet Kolada (H,D)
Ch Gingery’s Truffles 'N' Cream CD (H,D)
Lothlorien Valkyrie (H,D)
Gipez’s Jeisha (H,D)
Gipez’s Mei-Ling CD (P,D)
Ch Gingery’s Beetle Juice (H,S)
Ch Gingery’s Tumbleweed (H,S)
Ch Gingery’s Cheesecake (P,D)
Ch Willow Chilipepper V Gingery (H,S)
Ch Gingery’s Lion King (H,S)
Ch Gingery’s Tinkertoy (H,D)
Ch Gingery's Brandywine (H,D)
Ch Gingery’s Hazelnut O Flcrcl (H,S)
Gingery’s Nightshade V Sol-Orr (H,D)
Victory’s Cairngorm (P,D)
Ch Gingery’s Cinnamon (P,D)
Ch Gingery’s White Lion of Oz (H,S)
Ch Janard Just Gingery (H,D)
Ch Gingery's Oreo V Pindhaven (P,S)
Ch Gingery's Krimson 'N' Clover (H,S)
Ch Gingery's Sugar Cain (H,S)
Ch Gingery's Masterpiece (P,S)
Ch Gingery's Toasted Almond (P,D)
Ch Willow's Rhinestone V Gingery (H,D)
Ch Gingery's Ivy League (H,D)

Note: H/P: Hairless/Powderpuff
S/D: Sire/Dam