--March31 *02*,@ 05.42am-- =*= Haaapppy Easter :)...Yaaay@My new enter thing :)...Thankoo Anty boy for da pwittyfull stars :) Urm...Gots a Midi page up :), Added Cowmou's Site to my linkie fing...and Im gunna add Daves....In a sec :) lol I took my Deadjournal Link off because I NEVER update it or owt...But's I left my Livejournal one up :) urm...Hafnt done nethink else...so urm....Yaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March30 *02*,@ 11.09am-- =*= Oh so its...^Finally^ decided to let me on theen... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March23 *02*,@ 10.28pm-- =*= Yaay, I doneee Katies friend fing :), I added a Insane link to the *You* bit, I done another page of tests *hasnt got link up yeet* aaand I done this uffer fing *cant remember wot* but that link int up yet...n seems as tho i gtg i aint doiiin it :( x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March18 *02*,@ 8.07pm-- =*= Bizzys birfdaaay! *sInGs* lalalaaaa I aint done nefink yeet! *will tell u wen i doo* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March18 *02*,@ 8.07pm-- =*= 3 daaaays!! wooowoieee I makin dis powerpuff cakeee!! its well i dunno hwo to describe it lol! I'm trryin to figure out a way to scan it wid out squishin it aaall lol *not gettin v.far* lol....Oooo I did callums pageee on my fwends fing...Gots picture of him up noowie :) *Not V. good* but newwaaay!....+ I gots a *wot my friends fink bout meee* page lol...n wen i see ya i gunna ask ya to tell me wot ya finks of mee :P lol Iveee also gots a neew pic on the *mess* pagee!....It's of sid...n im hangin les cus he wanted to kill siiid! mmmm *hasnt done nefink else* lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March17 *02*,@ 7.26pm-- =*= Aahhh! Geocities kept d/c me...God dammit lol, Ooo instead of this reeally loong wesbite addy, Just use http://devoted.to/baaadkitty! Unless u already did then carry ooon...lol...Aaah! I been makin pictures on paint..*new obsession* lol, I madee a picture wid a girlie egg for davee :) *Made it look like mandoo* Ive never seen her before like..but i tried...I also made a picture of sid *My talkin tree* n it sed "Les will not kill mee" But i f0rgoT to savee it!*Dammit*....*still needs links* im gettin extreeemly impatient now *Hff* lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March17 *02*,@ 9.55am-- =*= Yaaay, 4 days till Bizzy D's birthday :) hehe, Weeell so far I've done 3 more friends pages, *Nick, Rach and Sophie* So only Callum + Katiee to do, And i need to add a few more neway lol, Lastnight I did a lyrics page, Not very good at the min, Cus I'm just rushin things at the minute so i Got all the pages up, then im gunna work on um *Takes deep breath* lol newway, Will keep ya updated :P *Still needs links* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March16 *02*,@ 10.05pm-- =*= Hmmmmf ...I hafn't done alot since...However many hours ago! lol...But I am gettin there! Ahhhh! I really want a bluddy Lj Code (>.<)....I've gots a clique page now :)....It's only got 3 cliques on! at the min! But it **will** get BiGgEr!! Ermmm *Finks wot else have I done* Well I've put the liks to my friends page on the Main Menu fingy now :) Still only got them 3 people done :(, And same with the Cute Pics o0(o.o)0o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March16 *02*,@ 5.35pm-- =*= ...I've decided to reeaally concentrate *yep concentrate* on dis website now! Cus nuffin seems to be gettin' done :(...Anyway :)...I've started my friends page :)....I've done Dave, Charlotte and Les's pagee so far!! lol...But all will be donee v. so0n :P I've also started to put a few of the pictures on the "cute pictures" lol I gots a few Badtzmaru pix, Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars! :) They should be donee quite soon too :), I still need links to put wer all the "link link link link's" are cus ther really startin to annoy me now *Sigh* lol I've got some more tests too :), I'll put them up in a bit...:)
Who's your Fellowship fella?
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March12 *02*,@ 7.33pm-- =*= RAAAR! I aint got a cluee what to do again...I aint in a thinkin' mood!....FrRRaZZles! I got dis soooo cutified Hello kitty Electric toofbrush :), And dis glow in the dark bright pink dog collar....And oooooh wow! newaay..*Fort it was time for some more tests*....
Which Buffy Girl Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

You're "xif". Christ, you're fat. Call 1-800-02-Jenny. You need it. Pizza Hut is bankrupt because of you.
What internet slang are YOU? | by brit ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --March07 *02*,@ 6.43pm-- =*= Yaaay!, I gots a new doggy :) A couple of days ago but heey!, I reeelly didn't like it at first but i KiNdA fell in luRvE with it lastnight, It was sooo maaad! So we gots along fine! :), Urm......Im kinda figurin out more stuff on dis website fing :), So it might get better *claps*@mee! :)...so yea....im guin to get on wid it... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Feb27 *02*,@ 8.00pm-- =*= *hasnt done nethink to it yet* I'm gunna give the tests a rest for a little while and get on with something else! :) lol, I gots my mobile back! Thank good! It was so paynfull without it! Oooo bad girls is on tomorroow night ::excited:: Shell should be in it tho I mean...She was BaD! lol Newaaays! Ya!...cheeerio :) x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Feb25 *02*,@ 6.59pm-- =*= So urm, Like yea!! I aynt doin' much today cus I reeally don't feel like it! Im kinda in a mood cause I left my mobile @ callums house!! ::Sigh:: Oh well, No txting my ikkle Textual partner tonight then...Some more Tests... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --Feb24 *02*,@ 10.47am- - =*= Heres a few online tests for ya's...
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