Padhaharella Vayasu  (Telugu)
In Tamil this movie was produced originally. "16 Vayadhinile" was a great success. In Telugu it was "Padhaharell Vayasu" and in Hindi it was "Solva Sawan".  In all the  three languages the director was depending on Sridevi's glamour. Certain scenes can be described as vulgar. Example: The villain on whom Sridevi was having infatuation, challenges her to cross a pond without getting her skirt wet. So, she had to raise the skirt almost to a dangerous level and realising his intention (after lifting the skirt so much!) she drops it letting it go wet not accepting the challenge and the villain expresses his displeasure. What kind of scene is this? Supposed to be glamour?
This movie is very difficult to get with a better resolution. With great difficulty we managed to get these rare captures.
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