Guarena Marie Adeky Skeets
HI! Welcome to my web page. Let me tell you a little about myself....I am 26 and just recently got married to my long-time friend and love, Ottis L. Skeets.

I am currently attending UNM-Gallup for an AAS in Accounting and am working towards grad school once again.

I am currently the Office Specialist at Bread Springs Chapter, my hometown, and working on improving many things in my community.
Breadsprings Chapter
Navajo Nation
Hobbies and Interests.....good question. To some people, I think one of my hobbies may gross them out, but what can I say?

Hobbies and interests are: read any and all types of books, crochet, desktop publishing, leaning more about the human body (including dissections), watching new and old movies, ranching, horses, Pooh, Roses, astronomy, Shakespeare, penguin collecting, watching all kinds of movies, working on web pages, and much, much, more. I just can't remember them all right  now. 
I am the daughter of Glenn and Lorraine Adeky, granddaughter of Glenn Adeky Sr. & late Irene Adeky, and Herbert & Mary Saunders. I am the eldest of four: Two brothers, Glenn III (a.k.a. JJ) and  Clint, and a sister, Jesica.

I have a great relationship with my parents because they have lived their lives and try to give me advice when they think I'm floundering in the water.  My mom is my advisor and rock. I admire her strength and endurance to keep our family going strong. Her Faith also keeps me going. My grandmother is also my rock. She comes through for me then I need her most. I'd be lost without her and my mom.

As for my dad, well, let's just say "like father, like daughter" at least in some cases.  He keeps the levity of the family up, but knows when to put his  foot down.  My dad has been there for me when I've  needed advice and when I couldn't go to my mom for advice. He's great!

I also got married, so check out my
wedding pages...there may be a few familiar faces in the ENJOY!!

Check out the link that leads to my family tree as well as my
family page.
Family Tree Links:
The Adeky's
The Saunder's
My KDChi Sisters
Oy! My Friends, I made a special page just for them.  Just click on the links below to look at a couple of webpages. Click on the Friends title to the left and see three of my silly friends. I still need to add the rest of my friends  to it, but I don't have all their pics.
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