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Welcome to this website of quilts, mostly made by my grandmother, Helen Thompson, of Elmdale, Kansas. But, as I have aunts, great-aunts and great-grandmothers who make/made quilts, of course those are included too. Enjoy!

line break (strip of five squares)

Here are some pictures of my grandmother, Helen Fisher Thompson, talking about a Cathedral Window quilt she made in the early 1970s. You can see two others behind her, a wedding ring quilt and a double wedding ring quilt. These wedding ring quilt was made shortly after she and my grandfather were married in 1931. The double wedding ring quilt was made by my great-grandmother, Grace, although we're not sure when.

And here's one more...thinking about the answer to one of our many questions!

Just to clarify, the quilts made by Grandma were made by hand...she cut out each piece with scissors, and sewed them together with needle and thread. None of these speed-quilting techniques (which I'm addicted to!)...

Grandma died on July 7, 2004. She was tired and went to sleep. Besides these quilts, she gave us lots of love and time, and already we miss her so much.
Thanks, Grandma! I think about you every day.

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