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This is a Community Quilt, organized by my great-grandmother, Helen Selma Hengesbach Fisher, who came to the US in 1910. She made it in 1933, and it has the signatures of each of the women who made a square, they then embroidered over their signatures. Helen was my mother's maternal grandmother, born in 1882, died in 1955.

This Cathedral Window quilt was made by my grandmother, Helen Fisher Thompson in 1970, when my grandfather was in the hospital for heart surgery. Lots of waiting around put to good use! It's an unusual quilt because after it's all pieced together, there's no quilting needed--the individual pieces are quilted as they're made.

A double wedding ring quilt--my favorite pattern--which my great-grandmother, Grace Thompson made, but we don't know when! Born in 1874, she died in 1961, though, so that helps a little to date the quilt. Grace was my mother's paternal grandmother. This quilt is in good, not great shape.

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