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I'm not sure if this type of quilt has a name. It's just plain fabric, with a different quilted pattern in each square. My grandmother, Helen Thompson, made three of them for her daughters (my aunts Joan Brown and Selma Keller and my mother Christa Cooper) about 1986. I like them because they show off Grandma's needlework skills, which are often overshadowed by quilt patterns and colors.

The first one belongs to my Aunt Jo.

And this one belongs to my Aunt Selma.

And one more, which belongs to my mother.

An Around-the-World quilt my grandmother made for my mother, Christa Cooper in the 1960s. It was machine quilted and has 2,484 squares in it!

Another Around-the-World quilt my grandmother made in the 1960s for my mother. It's machine quilted and has only 2,375 squares!

This is an old Wedding Ring quilt, made in 1932 by my grandmother, Helen Thompson. Right after Grandma and Grandpa got married, they lived with my grandfather's parents. Perhaps Grandma was showing off her housekeeping skills to her new mother-in-law when she made this quilt. I really like it. So simple yet delightful! Nice quilting in each square, too.

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