Grandma's Quilts
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Another sampler quilt (see page 5) made by my grandmother, Helen Thompson, for my cousin, Roxie Sneath, in 1990.

This pattern is called Grandma's Flower Garden, on a quilt made for my aunt Selma Keller by my great-aunt Clara Swank in 1987. Pretty, huh?

Linda Carter-Fagg took this photo!

Here's a log cabin wallhanging made by Grandma for my cousin Roxie Sneath, about 1986.

This is a machine-quilted 9 Patch quilt that my great-grandmother, Grace Thompson made for my mother in the 1950s.

My Aunt Jo just made this quilt for her oldest granddaughter, Alison. It's another version of a Four Seasons quilt and was an Xmas 2002 present. Isn't Alison lucky?

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